Trendwatch: what to steal next? – Rachel Green Mature Minimalism

The “Normcore” trend which became the against movement to the extreme sportsbrand 90s revival six years ago, was the beginning of the commercial comeback of various wardrobe essentials such as stone washed high waist jeans and white t-shirts. The colour beige came back in various shades and over the years more minimalistic trends of the past popped up. We had the mum pumps,  mules, square toe booties, oversize trenchcoats, pant suit sets and cute little cardigan tops. The best thing about all this was, that we didn’t have to buy all new, because we could steal many trending pieces from our mother’s closets. So what to steal next?

Last year, Ralph Lauren launched a capsule collection in cooperation with Warner Bros. Consumer Products simply named “Rachel” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the sitcom “Friends” and Bella Hadid’s looks for Alyx Menswear at Paris Fashion Week looked like a clash between Monica Geller’s practical Hairstyle and her sitcom brother’s classic suit-shirt-tie-combinations. I guess we’re not over the hype, yet. It’s just recently coming to the mainstream shops. And this season we also steal from our father’s closets! 

To get the slight changes in our fits right upcoming season, we just need to add a few pieces and combine a little differently. If you’re hunting for vintage treasures, keep an eye on the following brands:

  1. Costume National
  2. Plein Sud
  3. Roberto Cavalli
  4. Paco Rabanne
  5. Jil Sander
  6. Helmut Lang

Those brands back in the 90s and early 2000s designed wonderful classic minimalist clothing including nappa blazer jackets, linen apparel, downtoned patchwork, earthtones, different shades of white, denim, organza and mesh pieces, silk basics, “mum accessories” and that’s the kind of look spring fashion as shown at Paris Fashion Week refers to. The whole 90s game is becoming more calm, more mature, more neutral and unisex. To get an idea of what the current twist looks like, check out the latest collections of 1017 Alyx 9sm and Jaquemus!

Paco Rabanne and Roberto Cavalli 90s runway shows are another major inspiration for what to steal or keep an eye on. 

The main focus is good quality, natural colors and materials with a natural flowiness, feminine silhouettes in very reduced and clear designs and shapes, glossy, decent shimmer effects and small details like lacings or asymmetric cuts. The outfits are layered, combinations not too complicated. The monochrome trend and “power dressing” stay. 

Essential key pieces to (still) combine right now are:

  1. oxblood red leather coat
  2. XL basic claw hair clip
  3. soft turtleneck sweaters in creme, black, camel, baby blue, butter yellow
  4. a straight cut black men‘s leather jacket
  5. flared leather pants

In other words: we take last season‘s “Rachel Green“ wardrobe and add just a few more “Buffy the vampire slayer” pieces to it. We‘re good to go for spring.