Tragic Legacy: Audrie & Daisy Documentary Explores Teen Sexual Assault, Cyberbullying, and the Fight for Justice

In 2016, Netflix aired the thought-provoking documentary “Audrie & Daisy,” delving into the haunting accounts of Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman, who endured sexual assault at the ages of 15 and 14, respectively. Their stories were marked not only by the traumatic incidents themselves but also by the relentless online harassment and bullying they faced in their schools. Their cases ignited nationwide conversations about teenage rape, victim blaming, and the urgent need for change.

Tragically, Audrie Pott tragically took her own life only nine days after the sexual assault in 2012. Similarly, Daisy Coleman, after battling trauma and depression for several years, sadly died by suicide on August 4, 2020. During her final years, Coleman devoted herself to helping other survivors of sexual assault and tirelessly worked to prevent sexual violence through her organization, SafeBAE (Before Anyone Else). In a heart-wrenching statement released by SafeBAE, they acknowledged:

“She valiantly confronted and conquered numerous personal demons, but as many of you know, the road to healing is neither straightforward nor easy. She fought longer and harder than we can ever comprehend.”

While Coleman assisted countless individuals in coping with their own trauma, often compounded by the rejection of those close to the victims, she also experienced her own struggles. Through her Instagram account, where she showcased her achievements as a tattooist, musician, and model, she candidly shared her ongoing battle with what she termed her “worst life trauma.”

Coleman’s unwavering bravery in sharing her story empowered numerous victims of sexual violence to step forward against their perpetrators, despite the fact that her own perpetrator was never convicted. Her unwavering dedication to SafeBAE and her inspirational support for other girls who have endured assault and rape will forever be remembered.

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