Losing Grip

This is a short story teaser for a column coming soon. This piece and many more to come are written creatively and are pure fiction. Enjoy.

He looked me in the eyes and I could feel his stare sending shivers down my spine. He reached up to cup my face in his hand and I leaned further into it, closing my eyes in relief. I felt comfort from it. I never liked his hands. He had short stubby fingers but big hands at the same time. He told me once my hands looked weird and I told him so did his. He seemed surprised but unfazed as always. I didn’t care. I didn’t care about his ugly hands or his blunt honesty. I just wanted him to hold me with his hideous hands and never let me go. I woke up and turned to my side to see an empty bed.

Today’s artist chosen for this piece is David Agenjo; a contemporary figurative painter who is “best known for his compelling colour palette where personal colour arrangements and interpretations take his subjects beyond realism” (source: davidagenjo.com/about)

(Header: Hands-on II (2010) by David Agenjo)

Hands-on III (2010) by David Agenjo
Hands-on VIII (2011) by David Agenjo
Sonia (2011) by David Agenjo