Jean Paul Gaultier: A New Beginning with Iconic Maritime Looks and Collaborative Designs

Discover Jean Paul Gaultier’s exciting return to ready-to-wear fashion with a collection that pays homage to their maritime roots and signature style. Following their announcement of “The End” on Instagram, the fashion house surprised everyone by embarking on a new chapter. In this rebirth, Gaultier aims to reinterpret timeless staples like the classic stripe and sailor’s accessories.

To celebrate the House’s diverse inspirations and embrace collective action, the Jean Paul Gaultier studio invited five renowned designers and trendsetters to participate in this creative journey. Palomo Spain, Nicola Lecourt Manion, Marvin M’Toumo, Ottolinger, and Alan Crocetti joined forces to infuse their own identities into Gaultier’s iconic archive, producing captivating silhouettes and accessory ranges.

As an ode to collective action and tribute to the diverse communities that have inspired the House since its creation, the Jean Paul Gaultier studio invited five designers and trendsetters to participate in this rebirth, Palomo Spain, Nicola Lecourt Manion, Marvin M’Toumo, Ottolinger, and Alan Crocetti.

Each of the designers, who embody the values of freedom, creativity, and acceptance, has been granted full access to Gaultier’s archive and produced a new silhouette or accessory range that fuses their own identity with the iconicity of Gaultier.

Cosima Gadient and Christa Bösh (Ottolinger) have played with the iconic “marinière” stripes, distorting them and creating a zebra zig zag graphic, criss-cross strapped tops, and flowy maxi skirts.

Palomo Spain‘s take on the collection was rather cheeky (literally!) as he came up with a denim that offers a peek-a-boo moment of the bottom.

Alan Crocetti transformed Gaultier’s iconic cone bra and other accessoires, like the sailor’s scarf into charming jewellery and plays with feminine sensuality.

Marvin M’Toumo went full on aqua-dream-land and created utopian looks in which sailors, pirates, seductive sirens and Creole courtesans become one.

Besides all these new and creative ideas for this ready-to-wear collection, it wouldn’t be Jean Paul Gaultier if there wasn’t a kitschy campaign to stage the collection. Shot by Charlotte Wales, this short film stars Bella Hadid and shows a dreamy under-water scenery and tells the story of a beautiful siren who seduces the sailors she encounters. This re-imagination is almost as iconic as all other of Gaultier’s Les Marins campaigns together.

Experience the new era of Jean Paul Gaultier as they embark on a fresh journey, blending their maritime heritage with the creative visions of talented designers, resulting in a captivating ready-to-wear collection that pays tribute to freedom, creativity, and acceptance.