If you haven’t noticed the hype about the japanese footwear brand SUICOKE the past two years, we have no Idea in which change you’ve been stuck around that time.

Especially after the plenty collaborations the brand release e.a Tylers Golf creations next to the Converse collaboration he got. Don’t worry if this still does not make any sense for you, we’ve put together some informations, to bring and keep you on the latest train.

SUICOKE started off as a footwear brand in 2006 with challenging creative development concept – they only produce absolutely the ones they ever want to own and wear having high standard of quality. In 2012, the company announced for their original Sandal equipped with SUICOKE ORIGINAL EVA Footbed- sticking out heel and arch of a foot in natural way. It helps to reduce burden to foot pain while walking.

They renowned for their unique approach to design, consistently challenging creative development and utilizing only the highest quality materials. Having added Vibram® to the equation in spring 2014, it is no coincidence that SUICOKE is quickly becoming a household name.

SUICOKE work closely with VIBRAM, which is known as one of the best sole makers in the world. In 2014, further advancing the footbed, we succeed in producing original sandal equipped with Vibram sole, which is an industry first achievement. Looking back, the initial product sample we received from Vibram was very hard as enough to strike the nail ,however, after trial and error and ongoing exercise in the pursuit of high sense of comfort to wear, they finally ended up completed our best one products.

Its function and high quality of design gain global recognition. They create their sandal as not only outdoor brand but also fashion or stylish forward. There was no shoes marker having both these aspects in the market before. Aside from that, the products are well considered and designed with regards to fitting and function and so on.

Having all of aspects mentioned above with theirproduct, sandal are their strongest points which other brands don’t have.

Give a new silhouette a try and check out their super collars also supporting local parisian brands such as Paperboy or long last love A Bathing Ape. What do you think ? What should be their next collaboration ?