Why the Berlin brand Halo Labels deserves all the attention

The fashion brand with the sacred name Halo Labels shows us how sensual and soulful fashion can be without being intrusive. We spoke with founder Ala Sowiar about the unique approach and the history of the brand, which deserves all the attention. 

Ala founded the brand in 2014 after completing her studies in media arts in Berlin. Actually, it all happened very accidentally, she says, because the connection to fashion came about when she was looking for suitable costumes for her video projects. 

“I think Halo Labels wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t started out as an independent project unbound by an academic fashion construct. When your creativity is not restricted by rules you can work much more freely.” 

The ability to study materials, cuts and textures in detail and to be sensitive to their respective properties also came from the fact that Ala was not constrained by anyone and was able to bring her own creativity and multi-media skills from art, fashion and media to the Halo Labels project. 

„Halo Labels presents seasonal ready-to-wear collections rooted in artistic and hand-crafted practice. In searching for comfort and uniqueness at the same time seeks to engage with a much broader and intimate view of clothing as a fundamental human experience and expression. Halo Labels treats textiles as a soft matter. The texture is the essence of the material, stimulating our eyes and touch, connecting sense with memory, and evoking sentiment. Our clothes often refer to the forms of nature, through the shapes or the structure of the textile itself. Our everyday wardrobe is showcased in two seasonal collections complimented by the permanent clothing line: GAUZE SHIRTS, cut from layered, hand-dyed gauze that is meant to be breathable and soft.“ 

Based on the brand’s initial principles of working independently and sustainably, CEO Ala is also structuring the brand’s vision for the future. The interest in Halo Labels is understandably increasing. But what’s important to the team is that the connection to art and the ecological production of their pieces is not lost – the mantra “hands off the mainstream” also seems to be the principle behind Halo Labels’ growth strategies, something creatives around the world can particularly identify with. So is Halo Labels a fashion brand by creatives for creatives? 

„I would like Halo Labels to develop into a multidisciplinary project that puts the same emphasis on quality and craftmanship and going beyond the framework of fashion by engaging in other art forms. Believing that creativity is directly linked to sustainability, we will foster ecological production methods, bio or recycled materials, and resourcing in local polish manufactures, engaging more in the declining several hundred years old textile industry in Lodz. Believing that the times of fast fashion production will eventually come to an end, giving the field for the new systems based on unlimited creative power and innovation.“

The signature piece of Halo Labels, which returns in every collection, is the so-called gauze shirt. Without wanting to sound promotional, these t-shirts look pretty sick! They are handmade and as the name suggests, made of 100% cotton gauze which makes them incredibly comfortable to wear. In addition, the design of the shirts is unmistakably sensual – almost as if the T-shirt was a poem, a still life or dreamy short film, which takes you briefly into a fairy-like parallel world, where everything seems to be quite wonderful. 

And by the way, to make the multimedia Halo Labels experience complete, I listened to the tracks on their Soundcloud account, which unmistakably tells the soundtrack of past fashion shows. So if you really want to be inspired and dive into Alas’ artistic magic world for a brief moment, don’t just leave it at a visit to their Instagram page. 

visit halolabels.com