I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

My mind stretches like gum

Pinkish bubbles as misplaced as children on broken swings.

High, high, higher I go, pressing my hands onto the outer wall of the sticky sphere

A blurry sight upwards, no strings on the board

How will I come back then? Who will bring me down?


Deeper than down, violently pushing my own head into the water

Mercilessly stubborn until I stop resisting.

My heart is in its depths again,

Unfree like my will and broken like your promise.

I drown, the bubble pops, and the explosion tears my body into million pieces.

But I forever have blown bubbles and I forever will,

And as I stick my head back onto my torso, my hands back onto my arms

I can feel the gum stretching again

Ready to rise again

Ready to explode.

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