Few thoughts „en route“: The beauty in moving…

I packed two suitcases full of clothes, books and old memories . I‘m moving away from home, „en route“ to university. I have alaways loved travelling, the feeling when you return home and you still got sand in your beach bag. The cold winter days get warmer by the sight of old summer vacation memories. But this time it was different. I knew I was not only on the road, but on the road to my new home. I gained so many new responsibilities as soon as I stepped foot in my own personal space. I have to cook, clean and take care of my bills and taxes. I already did that at home, but still there was always someone who could help me clean up my mess.

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‘Land Escape – Cerro’ by Edison Peñafiel @eddypenafiel, awaits for you to visit and get your own ideas about this and other nine larger than life characters, masked to blend, not to be found, on the other side of the fence, carrying with them all that they have or have left. There is something scary and liberating at the same time about, at some point, being able to fit all your belongings in one suitcase. That is the case of many immigrants, moving by air, land, or sea. Come over to visit ‘Land Escape’ at Piero Atchugarry Gallery @pieroatchugarrygallery, this week in opening mode, with Eddy being there in person in case you want to engage in conversation about the work. RSVP to stop by, either tomorrow Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (Sept. 17-19) from 11am to 3pm, at Atchugarry’s or Eddy’s IG pages, or if you just get a spare moment to visit, call or write the gallery to check if it is possible to stop by (305-639-8247, bmcghee@pieroatchugarry.com). The exhibition will be on view until November 14th, 2020, with several events organized by @art.seen.365, so stay tuned! #edisonpenafiel, #eddypenafiel, #landescape, #pieroatchugarrygallery, #cerro, #mountain, #immigrants, #migrants, #inmigrante, #displacement, #moving, #southfloridaartist, #ecuadorianartist, #artistaecuatoriano, #southflorida, #miami, #artinmiami, #miamiartscene, #miamiartstrong, #artseen365

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I might repaint the living room, who do I have to suggest this idea to? Nobody, as long as I handle things with care my landlord granted me freedom. I would have to discuss every change and decorative bit and its change of the flat aesthetic-wise with myself. Pro contra in my head. I love it. I am from a small place. a village where everybody knows everybody. The big city grants anonymity. And still you could come up for water in the big sea of the anonymous mass.

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The world is yours by: Julian Majin @julianmajin

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I will admit it‘s a terrible time to move these days anyway near Vienna. We are closer to a second lockdown because of Covid-19 than anything else. Still,  I am determined to at least try to enjoy my new life here. There lies a certain beauty in the construction site right in front of my flat. The loud and hammering noises. The kids and drunks shouting down on the street either day or night. I love it, because it‘s life. Right in front of me, on the wall is a neon-colored sticky note. All the tasks I have to accomplish today are written on it.

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Neatly. The list is so long it evolved into another sticky note in a different shade of neon-green. So much to do. So little time. And I will enjoy all of it, because these are my tasks and my meal plan, I will have to prepare. It‘s another chapter in my life and I will not skim it. Excuse me now please, I have to buy eggs and coffee for the first ever breakfast in my new flat aka my own version of the luxury hotel Celeste in Paris.