Fate and Manifestation – Are Coincidences Really Just Chance?

Each and every one of us has experienced a series of events in our lives that make up strange coincidences. Coincidences that make us wonder if they have any deeper meaning. Was it fate? A sign of God? Did I manifest it? Or was it just a random, probable series of events?

Many scientists have attempted to explain coincidences in different ways with varying theories. One of them is Dr. Bernard Beitman, who wrote a book on the topic called “Meaningful Coincidences: How and Why Synchronicity and Serendipity Happen”. After doing years of research and conducting several surveys with thousands of participants, Beitman concluded, “some say God, some say universe, some say random and I say ‘Yes’… People want things to be black or white, yes or no, but I say there is mystery”.

So essentially, he has no idea what they mean and accepts that for what it is. Personally, this is a sort of “mantra” I’ve been living with for a while. Allowing things to stay unanswered without feeling incomplete. In life, we often experience a series of events that stay unanswered. Whether it pertains to your spirituality, career path, family life, or even unfinished business with an ex, we can’t always get all the answers we desire but we can learn to find meaning in the things that we do know.

"Yes Man" - Jim Carrey
Movie: “Yes Man” – Jim Carrey

A statistician named David Hand challenged Beitman’s theory by claiming that coincidences are occurrences that were meant to happen eventually anyway. If you do something often enough in a particular way then that event was bound to happen: “you take something that has a very small chance of happening and you give it lots and lots and lots of opportunities to happen, then the overall probability becomes big”.

Even though Hand is making an extremely valid point, I still believe in meaningful coincidences in the same way I believe in manifestation, and I think what Hand said supports my belief. If you are so driven to do something to the point where you do it ‘lots and lots’ of times, then you are not only manifesting that event to happen but you are also creating a meaningful coincidence with the goal of self-fulfillment. Now, this overall conversation is generally steered toward events that seem like a “sign” from God, the universe, fate, or whatever you want to call it. Basically, a sudden, ‘psychic gut feeling’ that leads you in the right direction.

Humans are bound to pay attention to coincidences and I feel that is more than necessary. Whether you are a spiritual/religious/faithful person or not, you have a tendency and need to explore the meaning of life. And whether you find it or not, believing that coincidences have a fundamental meaning could potentially greatly support you in your journey. If you need that sign to do something you’ve always wanted to do, then accept it as that and do what you feel is best with the answers you’ve received. Let that placebo motivate you to manifest your best life. To turn your mind toward your hopes, dreams, and desires. Why not? Cheesy but helpful.