Ellas 7 fashion essentials for an effortless chique look

Who doesn’t love to combine different looks with each other and thus create their very own? In my case it’s a combination of minimalist chique and casual casual. In this guide I show you with which treasures you can achieve this look. I will show you all of my points on super babe sophiahadjipanteli


Personally, I have no problems whatsoever with a little freedom of movement, which is why my motto is: “The tighter the better! “, (but only on top). Since the rest of my outfits mostly consists of long oversized pieces, the slightly tighter tops bring a certain variety and lightness into the overall picture. Therefore I love small tops or corsets made of cotton or higher quality fabrics like satin or silk. I prefer to wear completely monotonous looks or try to combine bright colours like green or blue with neutral tones like brown, beige or white. You can find many tops of this kind at brands like: Devil’s Muse, Areyouami, Iamgia or Boohoo.

Oversized blazers/shirts

To make the slightly tighter tops look more casual, I am a huge fan of oversized blazers or casual shirts made of materials like leather, satin or cotton. These make the whole outfit look more valuable and provide the perfect balance between elegance and casual. I usually find this in vintage stores like: Haben will and Pick and Weight or online shops like NA-KD.

Suit trousers/baggy jeans

I personally have not worn skinny jeans for over four years without lying. I will probably never do this again, because there are so many more possibilities. Loose trousers have therefore become my favourite. They flatter every figure. Especially if you wear tighter or shorter tops on top. In addition, they make the outfit look much more elegant and stylish, they simply offer much more scope. I especially love very wide cut trousers at the bottom, which already cover some of my shoes and therefore look even more casual. I have them in almost every colour to create either monotonous or more colourful looks. You can also find them in Vintage Stores, NA-KD or Zara.

Chunky sneakers

To round off a relaxed everyday look, I can only recommend you personally to wear thicker or Chunky Sneakers. Because they manage to break up the rather elegant look and underline the fit of the slightly wider pants.

In fact, when it comes to shoes, I am not so colourful, but a proud collector of white or beige sneakers. So you can let off steam with the colors in the rest of your outfit. My beloved favourites for this look are my Eytys, Yeezy 700 and the adidas Supercourt.


For the slightly warmer days or for going out, you can also exchange the sneakers for some heels. Noble leather sandals or mules in classic colours like black, white, beige or bright colours like blue, green or orange make the outfit look great and give it that certain something. Beautiful of these are currently available at Zara and NA-KD.


I would never have thought it before, but I have actually developed a little addiction to handbags. Preferably small vintage designer pochettes. This sounds expensive at first, but if you regularly look around at sites like Depop or The Vintage bar, you can get them for really fair money. What I love about these bags is the size, because only the most necessary things fit into them and you don’t become a pack mule. On the other hand, Pochettes, no matter how “chilly” your outfit might be at the moment, just make you look classy and boujee (even if you are actually broke).


What would a finished look be without some bling bling? I’d like a little more of that. For those who like it simple, a few good earrings in combination with a simple necklace or bracelet will probably be enough. I like to wear a little bit of everything. I’m a big fan of gold jewellery myself, simply because it shows to best advantage on my skin colour. But which colour you choose for your jewellery is up to you. It is important to me personally that there is no gold, silver or rose gold mix, as this often brings a lot of unrest into the overall picture and weakens the value of the look (there are of course exceptions). What I like best is the interplay of a pair of gold creoles, with a more striking bracelet and several rings on the fingers. If the outfit is rather discreet, I like to round it off with a delicate chain. You can find a large selection of jewellery in online shops like Safira, Adinas Jewels or Standard Spice.