Breaking Down the Barriers Between Dream and Reality

My dreams seem to be wilder these days- more surreal

They paint their art while reality sits and poses,

stretching out its boney limps, pausing in absurd figures.

A maniac as a shining example for my existence

My dreams seem to be louder these days- more intense

Unsteadiness creeps its way inside my head

and my thoughts start to stumble.

Trembling steps through the world behind the glass

as rationality slips through my shaky fingers.

I watch it shatter on the relentless ground.

my ears tingle from the sound of loss


My dreams seem to be more intense these days- more abstract

I wake up every morning and have lived one thousand lives.

My conscious thoughts of daylight became shyer over time

discouraged from my ignorance.

I tend to misunderstand reality on purpose

My dreams seem to be more intrusive these days- more clingy

Abstract fragments of my past engrossing

the space between dreaming and waking up

the moments of unintentional vulnerability

when my body is pulling

my thoughts back into my conscious responsibilities


My dreams seem to make less sense these days

A mirror of reality

header: @fabriziolusso