DIY or die – Part 1

It’s only been a year since I felt the need to write an article about vintage shopping to share my personal knowledge, because becoming conscious of the earliest Earth Overshoot Day in history on July 29th 2019 didn’t leave me alone. I felt anxious, guilty, useless and blocked as being part of the so called ‘fashion world’. Promoting cruel products and advocating for capitalism didn’t feel right anymore and made me feel a great tension inside of me. A lot has changed since then.

The absolutely last thing I was thinking of during the first worldwide pandemic of my lifetime was fashion and all positivity had left my body as the events of 2020 just became worse. The only value I could see in my own existence was the webspace I occupy and so I dedicated every second of my time to show my genuine love and support to everybody sitting overseas, facing racism and police brutality on a whole new level. I was confronted with the worst anxieties I personally can remember until all my fears and all my shadow work brought me back to my essence and suddenly I knew the answers to the big questions: Who am I and what is my purpose? Suddenly, I felt myself again – more then a webspace, a creative woman with a pure heart, a good mindset and a lot of experience. Suddenly, I saw myself in absolute clarity. I am never afraid to fail, I am curious, I want to do my part to make the world a better place and it doesn’t matter how pathetic all of that sounds. 

‘Pathetic’ is just a word that I’ve learned and it is the blockage I needed to get rid of, just like all of us! 

Back in school, I learned that I will never be a painter, because I got the worst results when I felt like my flowers were black and blue and the skies looked red to me. Being a teenager, I learned that I will never be a musician, because I had taught myself how to play the guitar without knowing how to read notes, which made it kind of hard to work with my bandmates who were much more skilled than me. Being in my twenties, I learned that I will never be a successful DJ, because I wasn’t confident enough to play gigs in cities I’ve never been to before and my nervous system was out of control. Despite all of these lessons, there was one thing I’ve always felt confident about, though – the way I dressed. The one thing I never felt ashamed of was looking different than what I’ve learned to be considered ‘beautiful’ and channeling my 14-years-old punk rock me showed me that going back to upcycling old clothes was exactly what the world needed right now. The biggest names in the fashion world, such as Marine Serre and Louis Vuitton already adjusted to their influence in the market, following the legacy of visionaries like Martin Margiela and more and more celebrities value vintage archive clothes more than overhyped, newly produced streetwear brands. On the flip side of that coin, it’s gotten harder to find good, cheap designer clothes in great condition. Resellers popped up like wild flowers and even during Berlin Fashion Week 2021, nothing has been more in the spotlight than sustainability, which kind of makes the possibilities for people with a normal income become smaller again, as always, when capitalism is taking over. 

The African markets for trash clothes from Europe are closed due to toxic over-saturation, so we really need to become aware and responsible to our mistakes of the past, especially now that people took the time on lockdown to declutter their wardrobes and don’t really know what to do with all the stuff.

So here we are and this is where I step in. Let me tell you a little bit more about what I’ve been doing the past year and how I’m doing what I’m doing.