#TBT Thierry Mugler – the ballet dancing couturie

If you want your art to last, don’t go with trends! 

That rule seems to always have been valid for costume and fashion designer Manfred Thierry Mugler, who was originally born in Austria and grew up in Strasbourg, where he first studied ballet dance and later costume design before moving to the capital of fashion – Paris. 

In 1974, Mugler founded his brand under the eponymous name of “Thierry Mugler” and only four years later, he opened his first boutique where he sold his outstanding creations and designs, which retrospectively could be seen as liberation from the socially unfree 50s and the politically impacted 60s. 

Yasmeen Ghauri in 90s Mugler

The range of Mugler’s avant-garde creations goes from classic business two piece sets to glamorous dance costumes, to all black latex outfits and complex art pieces. The most recognizable attribute of Mugler though, is the extremely fitted silhouette, he creates. 

Typically fitted 90s blazer jacket with broad shoulders and narrow waist

As the label “Thierry Mugler” turned 10 in 1984, its head started making huge successes in many fields. Mugler hit a nerve with every trend he started which manifested him as one of the most impactful designers of the 80s and 90s. He began his own perfume line in collaboration with Clarins, and his creations made it to various couture shows for which he designed iconic one-of-a-kind pieces such as his sculptural butterfly dress, which recently got displayed in the Museum Of Fine Arts in Montreal.

Naomi Campbell in Mugler sequin chaps

Thierry Mugler and Jerry Hall

The house of Mugler made its way through the decades and never lost its magic. Under the creative direction of Casey Cadwallader, we can expect to see more extraordinary fashion designs in the upcoming decade and investing into a good Mugler vintage piece is a must for every fashion lover.

Cindy Crawford in S/S 1991 sculptural dance costume dress