Berlin makes me feel that I live in a great moment in time to break and redefine social norms. It is our generation which is questioning loudly the status quo and demanding the freedom to create our own versions of life and identity. Pregnancy and motherhood are definitely loaded with stereotypes and unwritten rules of behaviour and style. I wanted to make sure that, even while my body is changing, I don’t fall for any existing preggo style cliché, (that I can’t really identify with anyways) but to stay myself while evolving. The challenge to create my own version out if it without having a lot of role models or moods to aspire towards gave me the feeling of freedom and turned out to be exciting and actually really fun. Yes, pregnancy does bring out a soft, sensual and super female side of my personality, but also I feel stronger, sexier and more fierce than ever. Baggy-pants and boyish streetwear elements mixed with crop tops, tight stretch dresses or heels express this ultra female, boss attitude for me. There is somehow still a prevailing misogynistic pressure to curtain these new curves and to hide in a stainless, pure innocence, instead of embracing and accentuating these shapes and allowing pregnant women to still be sexual beings. It is powerful and I guess for some even scary to see a woman aware of her own strenght. I am thankful for the people and friends around me who help me express all of the diversity of my personality and style and give me the confidence to surprise myself.

Lisa wearing Agent Provocateur and Marcel von Berlin
Scarf: LOEWE Bottoms: Craig Green
Dress: Vintage
Bottoms: Marcel von Berlin Top: Agent Provocateur
Dress : Ganni Top: Maison Margiela
Bottoms: Dior Homme Shirt: Balenciaga
Shirt: Rick Owens Bra: Marni Bottoms: Loewe
Accs: Versace Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Photography by Ruben Jacob Fees

Creative Direction by Lisa Banholzer

Styling ans Co-Creative Direction by Neslihan Degerli

Make-Up byKristin Roes

Video by Jen Krause

Styling Assistant: Luisa Beinhold

Prouction Assistant: avec nous GmbH