Celebrating the Art Of Living – Air that pushes creativity and self-expression forward

For years I’ve wondered who I am? Where do I go? What makes me different? Where can I be loud? Until I realized, I had to get out, out of my home, out of my life. I had to dive, to give my life meaning. I was lost and was about to find myself again. As I watched my insecurities fade. As I slowly found myself, time slipped between my fingers like sand. And today I’m here, in a throbbing life. In the midst of a next generation of creatives who surround me, who all have the same goal as me, to live their dreams. Keep moving. Showing the world who we are – bold and brave.  In order to realise myself, I had to go far away until I arrived. What unites us all is the meaning this city has given us. The pulse of creativity that comes to life here, the opportunity to find oneself again in the young culture and, by the way, a place where we continue our dreams.

 Michéle Winchester 

March 26 is the official date to celebrate the popular Air Max model line. For many years, the Nike Air Max has been a signature piece and cultural icon for those who wanted to stand for unlimited progress, positive change, and boundless creativity.

Today, and every day in the future, this free-spirited mindset also represents the German capital Berlin. Because one thing that truly unites Nike Air Max and Berlin is the innovation, pulse of creativity and vibrant community they both have. 

Berlin is a magnet for creatives of all kinds and a destination for artistic souls. The city is full of contemporary initiatives – from restaurants to galleries to music, pop-ups and much more. You can feel the dynamic energy everywhere. “This is an international place of creativity, where the future is very close,” says the Berlin based artist Maria (@kedimari). Kedimari is a romanian-born artist with Turkish and Romanian roots. Following her childhood years in a gothic mansion in Romania and musical education in “Scoala de Arte Bucuresti”, she spent her teenage years in the most inspirational city Istanbul, Turkey. She is a combination of divine choirs from the memorable moments of her childhood and the chaotic authenticity of modern-traditional Istanbul. “In the past, Berlin has attracted international Street Artists like a magnet due to its many empty spaces and empty buildings that emerged during the revolution in East Germany, and today it has become a very active international community that can symbolize the possibilities of living as an artist, thanks to the innovative, freewheeling spirit.” Nike fits exactly into this pattern – as the young artist sees it: “we both are independent, innovative, bold, and progressive”. 

The German metropolis has always inspired young and aspiring creatives and visionaries. One of which being the young poet Michéle Winchester. “Berlin inspires me to new ways of thinking. In my home country, no one looked outside the box, everyone was trapped in their way of thinking and no one dared to swim against the current. Here in Berlin, everyone has their own opinion and stands behind it and I like to incorporate that into my lyrics and dare to think critically about society. Nike and I share a passion to stay on the move and stand for something.” 

Berlin offers a creative playground, not only for Nike Air Max enthusiasts, but for all who appreciate the art of living – and in the future, Berlin will continue to be inclusive, creative, and unlimited in possibility.