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OnlyFans’ Controversial Pivot and the Rise of Sunroom: A Shift in Digital Content Creation

Last year OnlyFans posted a statement stating that the platform will be banning all pornography (in order to get financial banking from investors). Funny enough, wasnt pornography or rather sexwork what had been central to its reputation and business model. And not to a surprise, people were pissed (rightfully so). OnlyFans trying to ban sexwork was the latest addition in a long history of tech platforms trying out born-again virginity after building their fortunes off the labor of sex workers.

Annika Duda

The Power of Virtual Realities: Dissociating from Reality and Embracing New Existences

Should we allow the post-human allow the post-human to inhabit virtual realities? In these spaces we embrace anxieties of the collective consciousness. We connect with technologies through our thoughts. We fall for a reality that on all fronts is converged by digitalization. We crumble in front of meanings we cannot seize. We surrender. We surrender, like a spell, to what virtual realities portray.

Alejandra Espinosa

The Metaverse: Redefining Identity and Embracing Infinite Possibilities

The limitless potential of the Metaverse, where identity transcends boundaries and avatars manifest our true selves. Discover the power of self-creation in this digital realm, blurring the lines between physical and digital existence. Experience new bodies, ideas, and identities, embracing a fashion-forward space that transmits emotions. Unleash your true self in this ever-evolving virtual universe, free from judgment and limitations. Embrace the opportunities for self-discovery and exploration, finding your inner voice amidst a world of projections. Step into the Metaverse, where perfection is not the goal, but authenticity reigns supreme.

Tino Hahn