C.P. Company introduces prime garments

As the founder and prime innovator of the garment dyeing technique, C.P. Company presents P.Ri.S.M. An exclusive fabric developed out of the brands expertise, featuring a Prismatic Rip-Stop Membrane composed of a two-tone ripstop and a polyurethane membrane.

The Rip-Stop features a ready-for-dyeing nylon and a yarn dyed contrasting polyester weft; the polyurethane membrane is transparent and can be dyed.

The prismatic final color and the iridescent effect are a consequence of the contrast achieved in the semi-dyeable ripstop membrane: a unique fabric for the next generation of outerwear.

P.Ri.S.M capsule collection includes three different types of jackets, a vest, cargo pants and different sweatshirts. The whole line will be available from Mid-December online and at exclusive selected retailers.