Delta Of Phoenix: Empowering Sustainable Fashion with Francesca Newman

Just like Francesca, I am a big fan of meeting new people, creating connections and expanding one’s network. So, I am truly grateful for my recent acquaintance and I do not want to withhold her great work from you. Let me introduce you to Francesca – the founder and designer ofDelta Of Phoenix:

TITLE: Francesca, who are you?

Francesca: Hi Title Mag <3 I’m Francesca Newman, 26, founder of Delta Of Phoenix, my totally dreamy sustainable womenswear brand. Prior to that,I graduated with a First Class BA in Fashion and have worked in various seamstress and assistant designer roles around the UK. Besides making my dream of being my own boss come true, I am obsessed with fiction novels, travel & Japanese culture.

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TITLE: When and in what moment did you create your brand Delta Of Phoenix?

Francesca: Since forever, I’ve dreamt of owning my own fashion brand. I couldn’t tell you the exact moment my stars aligned, or which morningI woke up with that determined declaration of Delta. However, I do know that being told I couldn’t or wouldn’t was only ever a catalyst, and reinforced my resolve all the more. I would say, Delta Of Phoenix is officially 1.5 years old at this point. For anyone who’s stood on the cliff’s edge of their day-job dream, I say: “SEEK WHAT SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE.”

TITLE: How did you chose the name for your brand/ what does it mean?

Francesca: During university, one of the modules entailed a brand creation. I’m a total bibliophile and at that time was reading “Delta Of Venus” by Anäis Nin, one of my all-time favourite novels. I decided to create a vintage brand and composed the name Delta Of Phoenix. The Phoenix represents reincarnation, reawakening in the heat of the flames, a reflection on the sustainability &lifecycle of vintage clothing. Since that module, I’ve held onto this brandname, as it truly embodies the brand I’ve been dreaming of; unapologetically feminine, ethereal & bold.

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TITLE: How would you describe Delta Of Phoenix? What kind of aesthetic/style are you aiming for?

Francesca: Delta Of Phoenix is first and foremost a sustainable womxnswear brand ~ current, bright & evocative. I hope to introduce a new kind of glamour with garments that embody self-love. Delta Of Phoenix’s sole intention is to enable personal glow, to enhance disparities & embrace blazing individualities. Each collection will evolve aesthetically, as there is always an element of meraki. Elements I’ve upheld throughout all Delta Of Phoenix collections are the fabric & colour amalgamations. I totally adore reinventing these design alignments. Overall, for me Delta Of Phoenix is always unapologetically feminine, innovative & inspired by the wonderful womxn I’m surrounded by ~ Monica Belluci meets Alessandro Michelle for Gucci.

TITLE: Who are you designing for? Who are you (dream-) customers?

Francesca: I’m designing for all those who have been told their visual style & self-expression is ‘too much’. I hope to design garments that fulfil guilty pleasures. I’m designing for all those who have felt lost in surrounding contemporary trends that lack brilliance. I’m also designing for myself, unashamedly releasing the designs I’ve always dreamt of and hoping to coincide these designs with the self-love ethos I wish to share.

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TITLE: Would you wear your own designs?

Francesca: Oh I always do! One of the best perks of owning my own brand is keeping the samples. I totally adore Delta Of Phoenix designs & wouldn’t ever attempt to sell something I wouldn’t wear.

TITLE: What does your design process look like?

Francesca: I usually have a key colour palette that I grow from in each collection and sometimes there are personal elements I feel the burgeoning desire to express. I also take so much influence from the wonderful womxn & creatives surrounding me. Of course, I totally adore Euro/Scandi design houses & their ready-to-wear approach, so I’m sure I’ve subconsciously absorbed this design influence too. After selecting and finalizing fabrics and with Delta Of Phoenix’s eco-aware philosophy, I truly go into design-craze. Once the garments are designed, I’m able to create the collection’s ethos, aesthetic & vibe. I take a lot of influence from novels & song lyrics. I discover so many dreamy quotes that embody what I hope to emanate, and even though I may not express these in writing as often on social media, the vibe & worth of these words lives in my garments. For example, I recently posted the narrative behind the Marmellata dress, which totally radiates Call Me By Your Name {André Aciman} romance, with these words in mind: “How wonderful, to walk half-drunk with a Lemon soda on a muggy night like this around the gleaming slat cobblestones of Rome with someone’s arm around me.”

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TITLE: Delta OfPhoenix is a sustainable brand. Can you explain what exactly is sustainable about your work?


➢   locally sourced fabrics, predominantly from small independent stores

➢   pattern pieces for each garment tessellate on a width of fabric ~ this means I’m able to cutout a garment and leave zero to minimal fabric waste

➢   accessories are designed with sustainability in mind, such as the MEGA scrunchies, which ensure any remaining fabric can be utilized and not wasted

➢   all orders are always handmade with love by me & always made to order, which ensures no garments are pre-created and therefore wasted at End-Of-Season

➢   I take care tobe as eco-aware as possible through all the varying processes, from design to final packaging ~ it’s an ever-evolving process!

TITLE: Your latest collection, Divine Nectarina, is so beautiful. How did you decide for colours and shapes? Which is your favourite piece and why?

Francesca: Oh thank you! For Divine Nectarina I initially begun with a colour palette of Tropicana peaches & pinks, my obsession of kawaii visuals and the word Nectarina (conceived whilst feminising fruit names). I designed the initial 4 outfits – Crema Susina, Pesca Fresca, Lussa & Luminosa, Marmellata – then launched the other evolving accessories & prints throughout the season. I wanted to embody Call-Me-By-Your-Name romance, and asked myself what would Monica Belluci wear to a picnic? My favourite piece would have to be the Marmellata, and I also adore the Liquoriza.

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TITLE: What is the best and the worst part of running a one woman business?

Francesca: The best part of running a one-womxn business is I call the shots. I’m able to be totally self-indulgent in the design process, to ensure my self-love ethos shines throughout. I absolutely adore collaborating with other creatives, it’s one of the most wonderful elements. The worst part of running a one-womxn business isI call the shots. I’m 100% responsible for all the elements involved, from designing to sewing to selling. I learn on the job daily, I take the lows with the highs & I have to realise the risks. However, my labour of love has created the womxn I am today ~ the highs always outweigh the lows. If I’m ever feeling lost, I remember my resolve: “NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES.”

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TITLE: Did Covid and the lockdown teach you anything regarding your work or personal life?

Francesca: Delta Of Phoenix is an absolute savior during lockdown, and it’s a total luxury to have a constant creative outlet in dormant times. On the flip side, I’ve learnt that it is absolutely okay to take a day off with no excuse or explanation. I relearnt how wonderful it is to take an afternoon out and be utterly immersed in a novel. I learnt that self-love is most important on blue days and is a luxury on bright days. Lockdown also made me wholly more aware & appreciative of my friends & family. Their support and kindness raises Delta Of Phoenix every day.

TITLE: For which three things are you most grateful for?


1.    Tempura Salmon Maki

2.    Books

3.    Last but not least, my loving friends and family

Header Picture: Model: Anika Blacklee

Photographer: Emily Brown

Garments worn: Pesca Fresca dress, Lussa Luminosa MEGA scrunchie, Nectarina Milk Sweatshirt underneath, holding both Tutti I Frutti & Liquoriza tote bags