In Conversation with BiQo: Accra Boy, Global Dreams

This interview was featured in our most recent issue, TITLE(D) #6: The Global Passport.

BiQo is a singer from Ghana whose sound is influenced by the Afro Soul rhythms of his home country, coupled with an eclectic array of blues, folk, and reggae melodies picked up from his father’s record collection.

He made his first record studio in high school and ever since, he’s participated in prestigious contests, toured with Kojo Antwi, and opened for Nigeria’s Adekunle Gold. He’s now vocalist and guitarist of the creative collective Superjazzclub, which debuted their first EP For All The Good Times in 2020, and toured in Europe in 2023.

BiQo is committed to creating art that shifts, empowers, and entertains people.

Personal Information 

If you could rename yourself, what would it be? 

Jata (meaning Lion).

What would your avatar look like? 

My avatar will look something like a nappy, muscled man of great height.

What’s your launching date? 


What’s your emotional age? 


What’s your spirit animal? 


Where is home? 

Home is where I don’t feel different from the people I am surrounded by and there is oneness in reasoning and sharing our existence.

Travel Information

What’s the place where you can be yourself? 

Accra, Ghana–in my little room in my family house.

What has informed the direction of your path? 

My path has been informed by knowing that the gifts God has embedded in me are my gateway to freedom. I am most likely to have a successful life if I chase what I love to do with the utmost enthusiasm. Currently, I see the results of following this path and that keeps me going.

What was the last border you crossed?

From Paris to JFK New York.

How and where have you been stamped? 

I have been stamped in Paris, London, Belgium, Amsterdam, and Berlin on my tour with my collective/band Superjazzclub.

Personal Journey Information

How does your privilege manifest? 

My privilege manifests in Ghana, I am reminded of how much of a rarity I am, knowing that not so many can dream freely and see their dreams come alive. 

How do you connect? 

Over the past few months, I have come to the conclusion that creativity has become a form of nationality for me. In the sense that everywhere I have traveled is filled with like-minded young people chasing similar dreams with the level of passion that supersedes all challenges. I derive so much joy in knowing that we are one, in that sense. I am thankful to myself for following through with every little idea I had to bring me this far.

What food reminds you of home? 

Fufu and goat meat soup from Ghana.

Can you name a happy accident? 

Following my friend to a random photoshoot and ending up being scouted to walk a Paris Fashion show after attending the cast.