Alternative Realities with Ole Villwock

We are back with another Alternative Realities! This week we’re featuring Berliner videographer and photographer Ole Villwock who shot various self-portraits for us that represent being caught up in old memories during these times. Usually specializing in street photography and taking portraits of his friends in urban environments, Covid-19 has made him feel trapped in his own four walls, leaving him longing for a real summer like the ones he has had in the past. Struggling with feeling uninspired because of the lack of outside influences, Ole has used this time to self-reflect more and has found inspiration in his inner world. This new way of looking at his work and his sources of inspiration has changed Ole’s perspective. Claustrophobia, fear, longing, self-reflection, and confusion have inspired his photography for our Alternative Realities project and in true quarantine-fashion, Ole developed these pictures in his bathroom, where he has a little studio set up. In our interview with the street photographer we talk about his goals, his favorite projects and his take on alternative realities.

1. How did / do you stay on track and creative during the pandemic?

I’m highly inspired by my family, friends and often even my own mind. The continous search for new inspiration and new ways of creating output, in a time with almost no external influences or distractions.

That’s what made me release creativity during the pandemic.

2. Please introduce yourself briefly and let us know what you usually work on.

I’m Ole Villwock, a young Berlin based creative who loves all kind of Creative outcome. I’m usually doing a lot of Photo – and Videography. Besides that I am really into drawing, graphic design and all kind of craftwork like jewelry design, modelling, woodcraft or pottery.  

3. Tell us about your ultimate goal in photography. Do you have someone or something specific in mind?

I don’t really have a “ultimate goal” in photography, but I think having the chance to do a exhibition is the one of the highest forms of appreciation. That’s definitely something I consider doing in the future!

4. What was your favorite project to date and why?

I think my favorite project so far has actually just started. It’s a printed photography magazine called 0815Magazine, which will be released soon. It combines photography, graphics and drawings, all things I enjoy doing.

5. What is the difference for you in reality and alternatives ?

For me it’s the second world inside of your head. The “alternative” you often go in order to find new inspiration, think about new ideas or remember the past and all the adventures and experiences you’ve made. I feel like I’ve been in this day dreaming “alternative” world all day long doing the pandemic. Slowed down and lost in my own head, rethinking everything.

6. Any Artists you look up to ?

Azar Strato

Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn

Pat O’Rourke

Juan Brenner

Above Ground

7. What is your advice for young photographers trying to stand out in the overflowing creative scene of 2020?

I think it’s important to just continuously create something! Stop compare yourself to much. Don’t listen to everyone’s opinion. Not everyone needs to like your work.