4RAS: The Newcomer Blending Old School Flavors with Modern Sounds

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Allow us to introduce 4RAS – a fresh talent who blends modern sounds with a touch of old school vibes, creating a unique musical journey that resonates with both young and old. With his exceptional speed, individual flow, and abundant charisma, 4RAS is carving his own path in the industry. He infuses his music with soul, adding a dash of nostalgia, and celebrates one thing above all: his identity.

At the age of 13, 4RAS discovered his love for music, taking his first steps into hip hop by experimenting with beats and lyrics alongside like-minded individuals. Initially rapping solely in English, his time in the USA proved beneficial. Under the pseudonym Ayzee, this Hanover-based rapper even released some English tracks. However, upon returning to his German roots, he uncovered the true essence of his individual sound.

In his latest album “A.R.A.S.” (“ALLE REDEN ABER SCHLAFEN”), the 30-year-old rapper delves deep into himself, addressing his old vices and offering introspection. “The past few years have been marked by creative phases interrupted by long breaks – projects that fell dormant.”

Don’t miss out on this rising star! Experience it for yourself: while his first mixtape gains momentum, the second one is already in the works.


Title: First and foremost, we’re eager to know what True Identity means to you?

4RAS: True identity, to me, is the harmonious connection with oneself and a balanced life. It involves accepting everything that life has taught you and being proud of who you are, embracing both your flaws and failures.

Title: What is your earliest memory or experience of hip-hop?

4RAS: I vividly remember walking into my brother’s room and hearing Nelly’s “E.I” playing. Shortly after, Xzibit’s “X” came on, and I was instantly hooked.

Title: When did your musical journey begin?

4RAS: I started making music when I was around 14 years old, but I would say I’ve been pursuing it professionally for about a year now.

Title: When do you feel most creative and inspired to make music?

4RAS: I find myself most creative and inspired either when I’m feeling down or when I’m filled with happiness and energy. It often happens after achieving a goal or when I simply need to express my thoughts and emotions.

Title: How does the current situation influence your creative process? What are your musical or creative goals for the next few years?

4RAS: Surprisingly, the current situation with the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for me. Many positive things have emerged from it, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. Looking ahead, my musical and creative goals include…

Title: When have you experienced the greatest sense of achievement?

4RAS: The proudest moment for me was being able to financially support my mother through the income I generated from my music. It proved that music wasn’t just a hobby; it became a way to help and support my loved ones.

Title: Has there been a musical experience, concert, or performance that deeply touched your soul?

4RAS: In 2012, during the Frauenfeld Festival, something extraordinary happened. It was midnight, my birthday, and Mos Def took the stage dressed in all white, holding a bright red microphone. As he performed “Umi Says,” I experienced genuine goosebumps. It was an unforgettable moment.

Title: If you could speak to your past self, what advice would you give?

4RAS: I would tell him, “Bro, get organized and establish a structure that works for you,” and also, “HUSTLE!”

Title: Let’s delve deeper: Do you believe you can ever fully comprehend your True Identity, or is self-development an ongoing and fluid process?

4RAS: I believe our identity is constantly shaped by our circumstances and experiences. The journey of developing our identity should never cease; it’s what keeps life interesting and vibrant.