TITLE’s Top 5 Innovative Jewelry Brands

Wearing jewelry has always been a must-do for a great and well-completed look. Besides many well-known brands, that have proven their quality and status over the years, like Tiffany&Co. or Cartier, there are more and more young and fresh brands that bring innovation into the jewelry industry.

Today, we collected 5 young brands who spice up their designs in really creative ways. They are all very different, yet do they all meet the zeitgeist perfectly well. Go, check them out!

1. Twelve

Founded by Haley Peacock in 2018, Twelve is designed to mirror fine art and reinvent a surrealist universe of escapism. Handmade in New York from sourced materials and inspired by Haley’s background in fine art, Twelve’s pieces are made in small, exclusive batches. Operating on a product drop basis, Twelve’s latest pieces can be found exclusively at 12xii12.com.

2. Steff Eleoff

Based in Toronto, Canada, self-taught designer Steff Eleoff and her eponymous brand encompass the fine art and striking beauty of the shapes and forms that surround us. The process begins with inspiration from nature, architecture, and contemporary design, evolving into drawings before the pieces are crafted completely by hand, all made from sterling silver.


Julia Lang is the founder of VEERT, a brand that breaks with the traditional expectations of men’s and women’s categories to create products outside of traditional gendered stereotypes or aesthetics. By removing the concept of gender, Lang creates a space in between and brings a fresh new edge with her curated collections.

4. Vitaly

Vitaly is an experimental design studio. Established in 2011 and based in Toronto, they are accessory architects, producing genderless pieces that build upon the framework of global cultural directions. Having spent their first years working with mixed materials such as wood and ceramic, Vitaly has now turned its attention to designing primarily with stainless steel. 

5. Mon Cher Moi,

Mon Cher Moi is a Los Angeles-based women-owned brand that aims to bring bold and funky statement pieces to the world. Founded in 2021, they hope that their whimsical pieces will spark joy, especially during this difficult time. Their designs are also your daily reminder of self-care and self-love. Whenever you wear Mon Cher Moi, the brand hopes it will make you feel powerful and joyful.