#AccidentalInfluencer: Gucci Tennis 1977

Gucci’s known for being one of the most iconic brands out there, but there is arguably nothing more iconic than their Tennis Sneaker from 1977. The shoe has been recently uncovered from the archived and serves as inspiration for their latest #AccidentalInfluencer campaign. The launch of the new sneaker is celebrated with a witty campaign, playing with the concept of Doppelgangers that are wearing the same shoe, accidentally running into each other and doing the same thing.

The pictures taken by Max Siedentopf, a photographer and artist based in London, display a quirky interpretation of imitation and replication by showing nearly identical people dressed similarly, yet unaware of the unlikely coincidence of being in the same place at the same time. The images take inspiration from Italy, showing various facets of their culture and their style in a candid and fun way. The idea of accidentally influencing other people’s style, whether directly or through outside forces, is something not too uncommon nowadays, making this an interesting and thought provoking campaign. Check out the images below.