Titles Sit in on Friday: Raen Talion

For today’s Sit in on Friday session we have the versatile singer and songwriter Raen Talion in our virtual studio (her home). Raen is originally from Austria but moved to Berlin a few months ago. Although she is just at the beginning of her music career her powerful and soulful voice is already highly recognizable. Her music has a light pop-y feel to it but if you listen closer her lyrics have the power to move you deeply. It’s like she’s balancing on a tightrope between melancholic dreaminess and energetic playfulness. In our interview with her we talk about authenticity, being the best musician you can be, and working at a blood bank. Check out the video down below for a TITLE exclusive concert !!

How did you get to making music?

Music was always a part of my life. When my sisters and I were little, our father taught us how to

play the violin. And I always loved to write. When I attended school in my teens, I’d spend the

school hours and afternoons in a music room with a piano. Lip-synching and dancing in the

double-locked bathroom made me realize I really wanted to perform, as well. Thank you,


If you could speak to yourself in the past, what would you say to her?

“But what do you want?” Chill and Stand up for yourself. Go for it. As big as some goals seem,

they sometimes need fewer actions than you expect to turn into what you want them to be. And

you’ll realize that these goals are just the tiniest fragments of the overlying purpose. Don’t

overthink, DO!

When have you felt the biggest sense of achievement?

When someone asks me for advice, and I can provide something that actually helps.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

On Stage. Touring, along with a trusted team. I’m writing and producing with people from around

the world. I keep in contact with my friends and family, and we manage to see each other for at

least three months a year. I keep running daily. Everything I own fits in one suitcase. I am

present. I earn well and am able to invest in the future of others.

Who are your icons?

Oprah, Generation Z

During these times, it’s still difficult for everybody to fill their days in a way that makes sense to

them. How are you spending most of your time at the moment?

I spend most of my time writing, recording, and watching producers talk about their work on

Youtube. I have been watching a format called “De:Coded” a lot lately, mostly because I am a

big fan of Pascal Reinhardt’s productions. I’m currently also painting the walls of my apartment,

noting down my goals in detail, and I work at a blood bank. Every day I get home, Bon Iver’s

“Blood Bank” is going around in my head.

When do you feel most creative and most inspired?

When I’m fully present.

If you could invite any five people dead or alive for dinner, who would you invite?

My Grandfather, Liza Koshy, Donald Glover, My Future Self, My Baby Self

We have a format on TITLE that is all about the true identity of artists and brands so we can dig

deeper than just the surface. Would you say you have found your true identity? And if so, how

would you describe it?

I think we are who we choose to be but have clear tendencies towards characteristics and

preferences. Living our true identity feels effortless, but demands us to take action and fight for

it – nourishing our intuition. I know what I want, what works for me, and what I stand for. And

even if I don’t, I’ll trust in myself to figure it out. That’s all I know. For me, true identity is

authenticity. If what you feel, say, and do is in alignment.

What would your advice be for aspiring artists that are trying to make it?

Work every day towards being the best musician you can be. Be consistent, be reliable, be

grateful. 50% art, 50% marketing. Teamwork is key. Intuition is key. Bigger picture is key. If you

receive, give something back. Formulate your goals until you hold the manual. Focus, work,

make it come true because you definitely can.

Do you want to add anything else?

Can we do this again in 2025?