TITLE’s Love Poem Collection

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

If you would rather celebrate Galentine’s Day – happy that! Or if you do not care about any of that at all – we wish you a happy Sunday and hope you are well.

Either way, we want to take today’s occasion to celebrate love in all its shapes forms. Love offers so many diverse facets and is different for everybody. That is why it is so beautiful. Today we would like to present you a selection of love poems written by our editors. They all differ in from, style, and topic.

So, make love not war, be kind to one another and enjoy some poetry:


Deja-Vu – by Anna H.


The onlydifference were my clothes and the time I come up,

You weredrunk as always

I wore mypajama pants

I used toget all dressed up but not anymore, because I know how it will go

It startswith clothes, ends without hope and a lot of shame

In betweenthere are hot kisses, watery eyes, shooting stars

Youngpeople trying to forget the world

But theycan’t


Granny wonders – by Anna H.


„Why do more and more women become gay, Darling?“

Granny asked me one day.

„When I was young, I didn’t even think about it!“

I kept looking out of the window, the wind whistled, leaves falling to the ground.


„Don’t you think there are more?“ she repeated, her hand old like a raisin.

„Because there are no good men anymore!“ I said absently, trying to make her wonder about the possibilities of this new world.

Granny laughed like I had just told her the best joke ever.


„Oh hon, there never were good men, only comfortable ones, Love doesn’t exist!“

„You think it’s gone?“ I look at her confused.

The told truth as hot as a cigarette burn by your lover.


„It actually never was there!“ she said also looking out of the window, leaves are whirling  like a hurricane now.

„It’s good you know!“


„I guess if I was young again, I would also be gay!“ she said smiling. “At least then I would have once been the woman in bed”.

She stood up and went to bed.

The cold weather isn’t doing anything good for her old bones.


Commitment – by Laura G.

I felt the burning behind my eyes

There wasno space for lies, there was no way of returning.

The pressure was increasing, I couldn’t stop it.

I didn’t want to drop it, but who am I trying to please?

I guess I have to admit, I have to let it take me,

I hope it won’t forsake me, but now I cannot quit.

These feelings are deeply engrained, they emerge from inside,

And yes I do cry even while I smile.

Stop the pretend, I no more can deny,

That these butterflies, they learned how to fly.

Each drop of my tears is like a heap of relief,

I need to believe, I can battle my fears.

I feel naked, yet so exposed, but why sink to the ground?

Because you have shown me, I don’t need to when you’re around.


Untitled poem – by Julius R.

It all was a little daze,

a split down my face,

a little bit of salted butter,

a little moment of stuttered tenderness amidst us.


so warm

I almost forgot it’s summer

it seemed forever.

Risk. – by Anastasia S.

Standing here. Itook the risk.

Loved you, but now I’m a broken disc.

Was so sure about my feelings for you.

Never thought you won’t want me too.


Tried to make it work so hard,

but I bet on the wrong card.

Every part of me wanted him.

Jumped into the pool knowing I can’t swim.


He made me drown.

No one was around.

Now I am fixing the broken pieces


Ready to take the risk again.

Take one, keep one – by Neslihan D.

Every time since the beginning did I think

There will be just me.

In deep down thoughts I sink,

When I remember how we used to be.


Lonely with no person to trust,

Even happiness to pretend.

To never forget the past, I must

Always remember who is my best friend.


With deep breaths you’d pull me aside,

Giving me time for the right things to tell.

While fights or when something is not right,

the one who sees right through my shell.


Always searching for a missing piece,

simple things we never know to appreciate.

At no time finding the words to release,

I only needed you to navigate.


This is who you are,

How I am and what people see.

For me it was always so far.

The perfect combination we could be.


Sometime it’s in front of your eyes,

The matching piece you’re looking for.

Finding company, loyalty  with no lies,

For both of you to keep the highest score.


So I open up and clear my mind.

Cause we knew what we needed, still we do!

Why pretending even though, I did find

the one that I’ve needed, it was you.

Header collage by Celine Nguyen