Discover Yourself Through Astrology: A Step-by-Step Journey of Personal Insight

Are you curious about astrology but unsure where to begin? In this article, we’ll take you on a fun journey into the world of astrology, helping you discover more about yourself and your astrological makeup. From understanding your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant to delving deeper into other planetary influences, astrology offers a unique lens through which to reflect on your emotions and behaviors. Let’s get started!

So what does astrology give you? A deeper look into yourself and a way to reflect on your own emotions and behaviors, and those of others. Accepting yourself gets much easier like that.

Now it’s your turn. All you need is:

  • a website to calculate your chart on
  • your birth date
  • your birth place
  • and your time of birth

This is a 3-step guide to get you closer with astrology and mostly, YOURSELF.

Step 1: The Big Three – Sun, Moon, and Ascendant

Your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant play significant roles in your astrological chart.

  • Sun Sign: Your Sun sign represents your basic identity and character traits. It’s like the Sun, the center of your being. For example, if you’re an Aries, you might possess qualities such as being hotheaded, driven, open, and honest.
  • Moon Sign: Associated with emotions, the Moon sign reflects your emotional state and balance. A Libra Moon, for instance, emphasizes the importance of harmony and aesthetics for emotional well-being. Joyfulness, along with a penchant for gossip or indulging in spending, may characterize your emotional nature.
  • Ascendant: Calculated based on your birth time, place, and day, your Ascendant reveals how others perceive you initially. If you’re an Ascendant Scorpio, you might come across as shy or even arrogant at first. This reserved approach allows you to observe situations before fully engaging.

Step 2: Exploring Other Planetary Influences

Beyond the Big Three, various planets in your birth chart influence different aspects of your personality.

  • Mercury: Represents communication and social lifestyle. For example, being a Mercury in Leo suggests you’re a great storyteller and socialize effortlessly. However, remember to balance self-expression with active listening.
  • Venus: Symbolizes beauty, love, and charm. A Pisces Venus indicates a tendency to form romantic attachments quickly, often wearing rose-colored glasses. You love wholeheartedly and fully invest yourself in relationships.
  • Mars: Reflects your “masculine” side, influencing how you argue, your sex life, and temperament. A Cancer Mars signifies a less dominant personality, enjoying slow emotional intimacy. Arguments may escalate when emotions run wild, but you’re an attentive and affectionate lover.
  • Jupiter: Represents hope and moral views. For example, Sagittarius in Jupiter denotes a spontaneous person who seeks happiness through travel and social interactions. However, traits of irresponsibility might accompany this placement.
  • Saturn: Describes your sense of responsibility and work ethic. A Capricorn in Saturn indicates a strong workaholic inclination, diligent and focused on goals. Remember not to neglect your social life in pursuit of career success.
  • Uranus: Embraces change, originality, and spiritual energy. An Aquarius in Uranus suggests a unique perspective and a need for like-minded individuals to feel understood.
  • Neptune: Rules spirituality, idealism, and inspiration. Neptune in Taurus provides a good sense of taste, creativity, and a plethora of ideas.
  • Pluto: Associated with transformation, power, and intense passion. A Pluto in Virgo signifies a deep desire for personal development and excellence. Your perfectionism can be both a strength and a weakness.

Step 3: Recommended Apps & Meme Pages

If you’re eager to delve deeper into astrology, consider exploring these recommended


„TimePassages”: My absolute favorite for details about current constellations or general information about astrology. 

Available in the AppStore & Google Play Store 

„Astro Future”: Shows your zodiac sign, current constellation of planets or friends.  Available in the AppStore & Google Play Store

„Sanctuary Astrology: Psychic“: Perfect for beginners and a cute, clear design. Available in the AppStore & Google Play Store

„The Moon“: Shows a kind of calendar, the lunar cycle, so the general mood of your fellow men. Available in the AppStore & Google Play Store

In addition to these apps, exploring astrology-related meme pages on social media platforms like Instagram can be a fun way to engage with astrology enthusiasts, find relatable content, and further your understanding of astrological concepts.

Meme-pages on Instagram: 

By understanding your Sun sign, Moon sign, Ascendant, and other planetary influences, you gain valuable insights into your personality, emotions, and behavior patterns. Remember, astrology is not only a tool for self-reflection but also a fun and enjoyable way to explore the depths of your being. Start by calculating your birth chart on reputable websites like or and let astrology guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.