TITLE’s Astro Guide For Beginners

So, everybody is talking about Astrology but you can’t chime in? Let me change that for you with this article. It’s fun, trust me.

I’ve always been interested in astrology, but I could never fully identify with my Virgo “zodiac sign”. About three years later, I stumbled upon a few Memes showing Sun Signs, the Moon, Capricorn in Neptune e.t.c. The comment sections ran wild under every post and I wanted to understand what it’s all about. So, I googled it. I googled the meanings of every upcoming meme and got my answers. I slowly built up my astrology “know-how”. That was the start to everything. Memes on Instagram. My first step was calculating my birth chart on cafeastrology.com. Don’t worry, the website does the calculating, not you. All of a sudden the page was filled with detailed astrological information about me and all my characteristics. There was a lot about me, a lot of correct information about me, but does everyone feel this exposed when they calculate their birth chart? To be honest, yes. And I have way too much fun reading them their charts.

So what does astrology give you? A deeper look into yourself and a way to reflect on your own emotions and behaviors, and those of others. Accepting myself got much easier like that.

Now it’s your turn. All you need is:

This is a 3-step guide to get you closer with astrology and mostly, YOURSELF.

1. Let’s Start With The Big Three.

Those are the most dominant elements in your chart. Your Sun sign (Zodiac sign in slang), your Moon sign, and your Ascendant.

Your Zodiac sign is basically your Sun sign. It is like the Sun: your center, your basic identity, and the foundations of your characteristics, and describes the person to about 80%. So for example, if you’re an Aries your main characteristics would be hotheaded, driven, open, and honest.

The Moon in many countries is seen as feminine (for example; in French “la lune”) and is therefore always associated with emotions. The Moon sign describes your emotional state. So, if you’re a Libra Moon, then harmony and aesthetics are very important to you to be emotionally balanced. You are a very joyful person, but you also like to cheer up your mood with gossip or spending money.

Your Ascendant can only be calculated if you know not only your place and day of birth but also your time of birth. It really comes down to the exact minute at which your chart begins. It describes the outer you, your shell, and how people judge you at first sight. As an Ascendant Scorpio, you therefore often seem shy or even arrogant at first because you for example check out situations with strangers first before you hit your face in the door.

Okay, so that’s the most important stuff you need to know. But if you want to go much deeper into this sphere, it’s my pleasure to explain to you what happens next. 

So we have Mercury. Mercury represents communication, social lifestyle, how you like to write, e.t.c. As Mercury in Leo, you are a good storyteller who likes to socialize a lot and doesn’t have a hard time making new social contacts quickly. You do have one small weakness though: be careful not to talk too much about yourself but rather learn to listen.

Next is Venus. The planet of beauty, love, charm, and in old-fashioned astrology is considered the “feminine” planet. So your feminine side. So if you are a Pisces Venus, you are someone who can form romantic attachments very quickly, way too quickly. You probably have rose-colored glasses on often and for a long time, and you let yourself be guided too much by your beloved counterpart. Yet you are a person who lives fully in relationships and loves with your whole being.

Mars is your “masculine” side. How do you argue, what is your sex life like, and what is your temperament like? Are you Dominant or vice versa? As Cancer Mars, you are a less dominant person. You like to have slow emotional sex. Arguments often escalate when you let your emotions run too wild. However, you are an incredibly careful lover and like to enjoy togetherness with cuddling afterward.

Jupiter is a planet that stands for hope. It says where and how you charge positive energy and what kind of moral views you possess. Sagittarius in Jupiter is therefore a spontaneous person who seeks happiness in travel and many social contacts. He is up for anything and fascinates with his pugnacious sense of justice. However, traits of irresponsibility accompany Sagittarius in Jupiter.

Your Saturn sign describes your sense of responsibility and work. It tells how you motivate yourself for work or how you structure your life. A Capricorn in Saturn has everything for the workaholic lifestyle. You are diligent, don’t get distracted much, and know exactly what your goal is. But don’t neglect your social life!

Uranus embraces change and originality. It rules technical advances, electricity, and spiritual energy. As an Aquarius in Uranus, you have your own unique point of view. You absolutely need like-minded people around you to be understood.

The planet Neptune rules the world of spirituality and idealism and is a kind of the brother of the planet Venus because it also stands for love and inspiration. Neptune in Taurus gives them a good sense of taste and a bunch of creativity and ideas.

Pluto is associated with transformation, power, control, and intense passion. It also represents endings and new beginnings. With a Pluto in the sign Virgo, you have a deep desire to develop and to excel in your job. Their perfectionism is their greatest strength or strongest weakness.

2. The Signs, Their Elements, And Planets  

Aries (Fire, Mars): Energy, confidence, dominant, rushing into things, great vitality Taurus (Earth, Venus): Enjoyment, materialistic, a powerful will, practical, provide productivity

Gemini (Air, Mercury): Communication, logical and quick thinking, good sense of  humor, easily bored 

Cancer (Water, Moon): Emotions, motherly instinct, security-conscious, subtle, moody

Leo (Fire, Sun): Confident, creative, warm-hearted, natural-leader, egotistical Virgo (Earth, Mercury): Headaches, analyze, organize, details, perfectionist, criticize

Libra (Air, Venus): Harmonie, relating, art, aesthetics, hard at making decisions  Scorpio (Water, Pluto & Mars): Transformation, deep emotions, sexual, manipulative  

Sagittarius (Fire, Jupiter): Idealize, honest, strong moral nature, enthusiasm, high ideals, risk taking 

Capricorn: (Earth, Saturn): Achieve, hard work, practical, social responsibility, over-concern

Aquarius (Air, Uranus & Saturn): Rebellious, eccentric, original, logical, confident, outsider

Pisces (Water, Neptun): Intuition, 3rd-eye, sensitive, romantic, empathetic, dreamy

3. Apps & Meme-pages


„TimePassages”: My absolute favorite for details about current constellations or general information about astrology. 

Available in the AppStore & Google Play Store 

„Astro Future”: Shows your zodiac sign, current constellation of planets or friends.  Available in the AppStore & Google Play Store

„Sanctuary Astrology: Psychic“: Perfect for beginners and a cute, clear design. Available in the AppStore & Google Play Store

„The Moon“: Shows a kind of calendar, the lunar cycle, so the general mood of your fellow men. Available in the AppStore & Google Play Store

Meme-pages on Instagram: