Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2022: Bridging the Gap Between Showcasing and Simplicity

The new lookbook by New York-native brand Supreme dropped last week to – yes you can say so – universal praise.

Supreme has carved a niche for itself in the world of streetwear by skillfully combining tastefully designed cut and sew pieces, eye-catching graphic shirts, unique accessories, and statement items each season. Only a handful of brands, like Stüssy, can match Supreme’s ability to captivate fashion enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, some people now associate Supreme with the image of standing in line among hypebeasts, eager to flip whatever they can get their hands on for a minimal profit. However, true Supreme enthusiasts know that the brand represents “Shit that looks incredibly dope.” Supreme is the ultimate authority when it comes to what looks undeniably cool, and they have a few answers up their sleeves.

One such answer is “leather.” If you follow influential figures and trendsetters on Instagram, you may have already noticed the rising popularity of leather pants in streetwear circles. Supreme’s “Faux Croc Painter Pant” in subtle black or outstanding turquoise, paired with the matching “Faux Croc Car Coat,” exudes a distinct vibe.

Whether that vibe takes you back to Nas and Puff Daddy’s iconic 1999 “Hate Me Now” music video or makes you feel like a fan of Mafia movies is entirely up to you. Regardless of your choice, one thing is certain – you’ll look absolutely stunning.

Supreme’s leather collection also includes a “Gore-Tex Leather Jacket,” a collaboration with Schott, a leather varsity jacket featuring a huge back stitching of the “Silver Surfer,” which would perfectly fit into any early 2000s NY rap video. And if you prefer a more breezy style, the “Cordura Mesh Jacket” with leather details will keep you cool in both senses of the word.

Apart from filling the pockets of greedy resellers, Supreme has made significant contributions to the world by educating it about pop culture. We’ve already mentioned the Silver Surfer Jacket, but this season also showcases two short-sleeve shirts and a complete cycling outfit featuring the space-surfing Marvel Comics superhero.

Stepping away from kid-friendly themes, Supreme presents designs by its longtime friend Harmony Korine, the brilliant mind behind the script for the 1994 movie “Kids” and the director of “Gummo” in 1997. The “Gummo Coaches Jacket,” adorned with Korine’s artwork, is a surefire hit. The “Gummo Football Top,” featuring the effortlessly cool Chloe Sevigny, is perfect for special occasions – after all, with the right mindset, you can pull off anything.

Several items in this collection pay tribute to “Aeon Flux,” a mature-audience-oriented 90s MTV cartoon. Graphics featuring this iconic show can be found on various Supreme pieces.

The cardigan has been a prominent fashion player for several seasons, and Supreme continues to offer buyers various knit options made from materials like mohair and merino wool. For a sophisticated shine this season, consider the “Brushed Grid Cardigan,” the “Gradient Stripe Zip Up Cardigan,” or our personal favorite, the “Hand Crotched Sweater.”

Now, let’s talk about being grown-up. Check out the “Tartan Wool Suit.” Supreme has been a pioneering force in bringing suits into the realm of streetwear, successfully inspiring those who aren’t afraid to swap their hoodies for sharp blazers from time to time.

Speaking about being grown-up, check out the “Tartan Wool Suit“. 

Turning our attention to T-shirts, two designs steal the show this season. The first is the Al Green shirt, joining the ranks of classic Supreme shirts featuring legends like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Isaac Hayes. The “Model” shirt recreates a classic Gucci ad from the “Tom Ford” era and is sure to turn heads. However, we advise against wearing it to dinner with your significant other’s parents.

Each season, Supreme manages to outdo itself with its range of accessories. Just take a look at this season’s “Airstream Travel Trailer,” complete with an oversized box logo-sporting sunroof. It leaves us wondering what they have in store for Fall/Winter 2022.

Spring/Summer 2022 exemplifies Supreme’s DNA, perfectly bridging the gap between “showing off” and “less is more.” That’s precisely what we adore about Supreme.