Sit In On Friday with SOFY

Welcome back to another ‘Sit In On Friday’ where we interview a large range of talented artists, who also grace us with a “live” performance. This Friday, we had the pleasure to interview SOFY, a Leicestershire native singer-songwriter.

SOFY adds a sense of wittiness and joyfulness to her lyrics, while still staying true to herself. After she was placed on furlough, SOFY decided to take a new path and write music. Having always been pulled to the sound of music, she finally decided to take on a career as the artist ‘SOFY’. Her music is both poetic and optimistic, while still keeping a sense of realism in her storytelling. While her sound is both indie and pop, it also shows aspects of hip-hop and soulfulness.

We had the pleasure of interviewing this young promising artist for Title Mag and got the opportunity to hear about her origins, true identity, and songwriting process.

At Title, we emphasize the importance of staying true to yourself, your art, and your identity. What would you say is your True Identity?

Still figuring that out, I think we all are! But if I was to sum up the things that make me feel the most like me, it’s writing songs, being around other people and not taking life too seriously 

At what age did you first start making music?

I’ve always liked making noise. When I was a kid my brother and I would print out all the words to our favourite songs and put on shows for my parents, so it’s always been there. But I only started pursuing music seriously a lot later on, at the age of 23 when I was furloughed during the pandemic. I totally fell in love with songwriting and haven’t looked back since.

How has your music progressed since then?

I’ve definitely become a lot more sure of myself and my abilities to push the boundaries when it comes to writing. I didn’t go to music school or anything and I don’t know any music theory so at first I was worried that I wasn’t doing it right or wasn’t following the rules. When I stopped caring about what you’re ‘supposed to do’ and just decided to write what came naturally to me, it started getting really exciting. I had this realization one day that music doesn’t always have to be profound or poetic – it can be funny and silly or whatever the fuck you want it to be. For me, it’s super important that I write in my own voice, so if I can’t imagine myself saying a line in real life to my mates then I won’t put it in a song. 

Did your hometown influence your musical journey at all?

I grew up in a small town in Leicestershire, so a lot of my early musical memories are of going to gigs in Leicester with my mates when we were teenagers, sneaking in a hip flask of whatever spirits we’d managed to steal from our parents’ booze cupboards that week. I was really into indie music back then so we used to go and watch random bands at ‘The Cookie’ and the ‘O2 Academy’. I remember they all used to bring SO much energy to stage even when it was a small room which is definitely a rule that my band and I bring to our live sets now – we treat it like a headline slot at Glasto no matter how many people are listening.

What’s your songwriting process like?

It totally varies. Sometimes I’ll go into a session with a concept in mind and we’ll build around it, or sometimes we’ll go in without anything specific in mind and someone will start playing a guitar riff or something and then the song just sort of grows around it. I still find it totally magical how you can start a day with nothing and a song just arrives out of nowhere – that’s one of the things I love most about writing and that I’ll never get bored of. 

What is the meaning behind your artist name SOFY?

It means I couldn’t think of an interesting artist name so I just decided to spell my real name differently and style it in capitals to piss off everyone who has to write press releases about me.

What are you currently working on that we can look forward to in the near future?

My debut EP will be out in January which I am buzzing about, and there will be a couple of singles coming out before then. I honestly have a whole dropbox overflowing with music that I can’t wait for everyone to wrap their ears around – next year is going to be very exciting!

What are your creative goals for the next few years?

Keep writing music that feels like me and more importantly to keep having as much fun doing it as I am now.

Do you have any advice for upcoming artists trying to show their true identity in their music?

Fuck the rulebook, write about whatever you want and just enjoy the process. Don’t overthink it.