Expressing Emotion Through Music: The Heartfelt Lyrics of Charlotte Jane

In a desensitized world, expressing vulnerability can be challenging. UK-based singer Charlotte Jane fearlessly pours her heart into her music, allowing listeners to connect on an emotional level. At Title, we value authenticity, artistry, and personal identity. Discover Charlotte’s true identity and her inspiring journey.

Charlotte Jane’s passion for music ignited at a young age, becoming an integral part of her true identity. Through heartfelt lyrics and a captivating voice, she invites us to experience her musical journey. Despite the challenges of reliving difficult experiences through writing, Charlotte’s music creates unbreakable emotional bonds.

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We are privileged to have the opportunity to speak with Charlotte herself, delving deeper into her rising career and personal growth. At Title, we believe in staying true to oneself, artistic expression, and embracing individuality. Join us as we explore Charlotte’s perspective on her true identity.

Charlotte associates “true identity” with being one’s authentic self, embracing self-acceptance, and self-awareness. She recognizes her funny, caring, family-oriented, and energetic aspects, as well as the darker, critical, procrastinating, and self-destructive parts. By acknowledging and accepting all facets of herself, she can be genuine not only as an artist but also in her relationships with others.

Music has always been Charlotte’s path, though she never conceptualized it formally as a career during her childhood. However, as a teenager, she realized her professional aspirations and faced the challenge of breaking into the music industry.

Growing up in England and experiencing life in Singapore have undoubtedly influenced Charlotte’s music. The sounds she was exposed to in England shaped her musical style, even if not consciously. Moving to Singapore during her teenage years kindled her passion for songwriting. Being a hormonal, angsty teenager with a whirlwind of emotions, songwriting became an outlet for expressing pent-up emotions. Singapore provided a nurturing environment for honing her craft and finding her unique voice.

Charlotte’s songwriting process varies depending on her collaborators and inspiration. Sometimes, she enters a session with pre-existing lyric ideas written in her notes. Typically, the process begins with finding chords that reflect her mood, followed by singing melodies. As she improvises lyrics within the melodies, the story of the song unfolds naturally.

On days when inspiration eludes her, Charlotte redirects her creativity to other outlets, such as cooking, painting, gaming, or exercising. Last year, she experienced a six-month period of feeling uninspired, primarily due to the pandemic’s impact. Recognizing her reliance on interactions and changes of scenery for inspiration, she practices self-kindness on days when she feels incapable of creating. She allows herself to rest, knowing that the next day brings new opportunities.

If COVID disappeared tomorrow, Charlotte would immediately embrace her loved ones with hugs and perform a live show, reigniting the joy of connecting with her audience.

Expressing emotional hardships through her music holds great significance for Charlotte. It was the initial motivation behind her songwriting journey. Although performing live can be an emotional rollercoaster, constantly reliving tearful experiences, she cherishes the cathartic power of music.

One of Charlotte’s most influential concert experiences was watching Damien Rice at the Latitude festival during her childhood. It was a transformative moment, as she was moved to tears by his performance of “9 Crimes.” This experience introduced her to an artist who defied the quintessential pop star archetype, focusing solely on music, lyrics, and vocal delivery. The profound impact of this concert left a lasting impression on her.

What are you currently working on that we can look forward to in the near future?

We’ve just gone to the editing stage of my next music video (for my next single) which is so exciting! I directed and filmed the video at home by myself due to Covid, so this will be a really different video from anything I’ve done before so I’m both nervous and excited!

Do you have any advice for newcomers struggling to release themselves emotionally in their music?

That’s a great question and it’s one that I’m not too sure how to answer. It’s something that I haven’t really ever struggled with. I guess one thing to try would be to take the pressure of ‘writing a song’ out of the equation first and just start with an honest conversation about how you’re feeling. It’s likely that you’ll find a great song in an open, honest conversation.