From Beauty Standards to True Empowerment: Rethinking Feminism

Shake Your Degrees

Women Empowering Each Other: Redefining Beauty Standards and Empowerment

In a world that often adheres to mainstream body standards, women have the incredible power to uplift and support one another. We constantly remind each other of our beauty, even if it deviates from societal norms, in an effort to empower and stand together. However, one phrase that is rarely heard is, “Girl, you’re smart enough to keep your clothes on!” It seems that nudity is sometimes misconstrued as a symbol of self-confidence, and that doesn’t sit right with me. While baring it all on the internet may be a personal breakthrough for some, what about women who have never experienced body shaming? It’s time to acknowledge that feminism has its shortcomings, as even those who conform to beauty industry standards may still exploit their bodies for profit, perpetuating sexist marketing campaigns.

Unveiling the True Issues: Beyond Flawless Instagram Models

While body positivity is undeniably important, we must also remind ourselves not to showcase our bodies in every single online post. If we fail to address this point in our discussions, people will continue to view feminism solely as a platform for frustrated women demanding their “right” to be seen as desirable fantasies. We need to present the entire picture to move past this misconception. A shining example of this is Billie Eilish, who advocates for embracing loose clothing, leaving room for imagination and shifting the focus to her music.

The Impact of Successful Women: Progress in Diversity and Industry Standards

The efforts of influential women like Beyoncé have not been in vain. Progress has been made in the fashion industry, with companies now profiting from plus-size lines and using “imperfect” brand ambassadors like Winnie Harlow. Embracing differences is becoming a trend, and diversity is more prevalent than it was 15 years ago. However, why would industry standards and marketing campaigns change now that they have discovered new markets?

Involvement of the “Pretty Girls”: Shifting the Paradigm

It’s time for those traditionally seen as the “pretty girls” to take a more active role. Beauty is superficial. Simply being attractive and in shape is no longer sufficient in today’s world. It’s absurd that Kylie Jenner, now hailed as the “youngest billionaire ever” by Forbes Magazine, rarely discusses her daily routine as a member of the world’s most scrutinized family, her role in building a beauty empire, her journey into motherhood, her independent investment decisions, or her recent personal struggles following the end of her partnership with Travis Scott. We need to talk about the hard work, responsibilities, and challenges faced by women like her. Both men and women should respect and value these aspects. And let’s be serious, rejecting offers that exploit our pride should be a given, even if it means refusing money to sell products.

Megan Thee Stallion: Embracing Individuality and Hard Work

Megan Thee Stallion embodies the concept of “painting the whole picture.” I discovered her through a YouTube video of a freestyle rap session with DJ HollyHood. She exuded confidence, wearing vinyl stripper boots, pants, and striking red hair, ready to challenge the norms. It was evident that these men around her were taken aback by her rap skills and her persona, resembling a real-life Jessica Rabbit.

I followed Megan on Instagram and witnessed her journey of self-discovery as an artist. I saw her without makeup in the morning, witnessed her getting ready, touring nightclubs, expanding her entourage of “Hot Girls” in a Coyote Ugly manner, promoting herself, pursuing higher education, and juggling a hectic schedule. In her songs and in real life, she celebrates herself as a hardworking individual with perfect curves, an educated hustler in latex. And this is precisely what I mean!

Beyond the Body: Embracing Individuality and Personal Growth

Regardless of how you choose to address personal body issues, whether by sharing nudes, embracing menswear, or playing with stereotypes, remember that everyone is more than just a body. Your worth should not be defined by your physical appearance. It is the person you are and how you engage with the world that truly matters. Whether or not you use social media platforms, let’s celebrate our achievements, our flaws, our bad days, our resilience, and if we do share on social media, let’s show the whole spectrum of our lives. Let’s strive for wholeness, as there is nothing to hide about ourselves.