Seditious Simplicity – Prada Resort 2020

An ode to the preciousness of everyday life, an expression of the lifestyle, a part of the here and now. Reality. The Prada Resort 2020 campaign is all about the beauty of life, reality and today.

Since the Prada Resort collection proposes an alternative view of the classical, namely the concept of simplicity as rebellion, the extraordinary in the ordinary, the new in the familiar, this is where a new perspective and another aspect of the term “fashion advertising” can be found. The Prada 2020 Resort Campaign is no longer a static, distanced image that is viewed while browsing pages or through the computer screen. It is integrated into everyday life and breaks through traditional ways by eliminating these barriers. It’s going on idiosyncratically, not just on the pages of magazines, but as something that needs to be experienced and lived. Captivating paper images put together fragrant flower bouquets of florists in the most important fashion cities around the world – London, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo – in unexpected, unknown and unpredictable locations.

Everyday places are filled with beauty, romance, poetry and history.

The two photographers selected by Prada to document this collection are known for their contrasting but equally powerful depictions of personalities and humanity. New York-based Drew Vickers is known internationally for composed, serene and elegant portraits that sensitively emphasize the gentle and delicate human emotions in his motifs. The photographs reflect both the feeling of the collection – a portrait of fashion – and those portrayed. Prada has decided to juxtapose them with the work of Japanese photographer Keizo Kitajima, known since the 1970s for his real and dynamic street photography.