REVOLVE: A Story About Denim Couture and Eco-Consciousness

This editorial features in our upcoming spring/summer issue, TITLE(D) #6: The Global Passport. Pre-order now to get a copy.

In today’s world, addressing fast fashion concerns is paramount, which is why emphasising eco-consciousness is crucial. This project merges modern denim couture with a farm setting, symbolising sustainability in a subtle yet impactful way. It’s redefining fashion with a focus on mindful design, telling a story of style and environmental awareness.


Production/Concept: Alima Darouiche, Mette Nordvig
Videography: Mette Nordvig
Photography: Eileen Jordan
Hair & Makeup: Sarah Rabel
Styling: Katharina Gruszczynski
Models: Ahmed Youssef, Imti Mohamed