Red Lights of the Future

Red lights of the future

Your skin smells

Like fresh bread.

Blood red clouds

From a fast, distant world

I look up

And whisper

with a trembling voice

beneath the starry night

The glowing stucco ceiling

In the old building


Life itself

You talk about

dancing, happy souls

and your own loneliness

The lie of control

And drug abuse

You know, maybe life is just a dance

Old candles falling on hot water

And we weigh ourselves

in a small infinity.

Idk ://

So much time has passed since you left.

And I’m still so dependent on your breath.

Cold blood shells during their theft.  

Red stained feet felt like your own death.

God I missed your touch in vain.

You’re online. One click away.

But that won’t either stop the pain.

It’s all too late dear Mister Betray.

The train has left to the unknown place

Dream about the island with your new flame

Play with her your sick old game.

While I am stuck on you in outer space.


Crowns floating above us.

Scratching lungs between sunny brights.

Lost freedom in clear dust.

Incarcerated with no human lights.

Isolated between four walls.

connecting through my calls.

(In-) comprehensible power.

Networks building from the tower.

Trying to comprehend your whites

Empty clouds coming from tobacco pipes

Distance becomes rationale

Left is only art after all

Behind dry deserts there is green trees

I can feel you in between them

Whilst Changing my own anthem.

How high are your fences beneath the bees?

All here – All together

Through screens, messages and paper.

We have conquered you so many times.

The red velvets, swords and crowns.

You will be  – like back then – dethroned.