Embracing the Power of Words in the Age of Visual Thinking: A Conversation with Dean Cocozza

In an era where visual content dominates our digital landscape, the value placed on written words seems to be diminishing. However, there are individuals who refuse to let this trend overshadow the power of language. One such person is Dean Cocozza, an author and musician who strives to captivate audiences through his compelling use of words. In this article, we delve into Dean’s journey, discussing his new book and exploring his personal interpretation of True Identity.

A Creative Adaptation:

Dean Cocozza refuses to succumb to the challenges faced by language artists in our visually-driven society. Rather than lamenting the current Zeitgeist, this young musician and writer sees it as an opportunity for innovation. Recognizing the limited attention span of the Instagram audience, Dean embraced the challenge of engaging them in just a few seconds. He cleverly condensed his thoughts into one-liners, pairing them with captivating visuals. Through this compressed art form, he succeeds in piquing the curiosity of many, leaving them yearning for more. This craving for “more” can now be satisfied with his first book, a collection of his personal notes from 2017 to 2019 titled “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Embracing Change as an Opportunity:

Dean Cocozza refuses to view changing structures as a threat; instead, he embraces them as an opportunity for growth. His pioneering spirit allows him to navigate the transformed landscape of artistic expression in a positive light. We were eager to gain deeper insight into his progressive mindset and asked him to elaborate on his interpretation of True Identity. For Dean, True Identity lies in fearlessness, both in communication with others and with oneself. He emphasizes the importance of speaking the truth without fear, regardless of the potential consequences. Genuine communication through words, actions, and signals enables the preservation of a true identity, even while allowing room for playful self-expression.

Instead of seeing changing structures as a threat, Dean as a pioneer deals with the changed conditions in a positive way, seeing them as an opportunity. We were curious to be even more involved in his progressive thinking and asked what True identity means to him: “True identity for me lies in fearlessness, be that in communication towards others or ourselves. Not being scared to speak the truth is not being scared of the truth, regardless of its consequences. We manifest what we are and what surrounds us in our communication. Saying communication, that can be our words, our actions or signals. If we keep these genuine, we can maintain something like a true identity. Sometimes a true identity enjoys to play dress up and that’s okay too.”

In a world that is increasingly consumed by visual content, Dean Cocozza remains a steadfast advocate for the power of words, breathing life into language artistry and encouraging others to do the same.

Photo: Dean Cocozza

Text: Excerpts from ‘zero dark thirty’ by Dean Cocozza