Leikeli47- Do you smell the Acrylic?

Rapper Leikeli47 believes in something bigger than just simply creating music. The rapper who is only ever seen in a ski mask preaches about empowering women of color and overall racial acceptance. Information like her age or birth name is undisclosed to the public. Leikeli 47’s style is like no other. With bass-heavy beats and a vibe reminiscent of Missy Eliot, LK-47 creates a sound that’s one of a kind.

I found it very difficult to write about an artist that chooses to release no personal information about herself. However, I soon realized that this requires me to only speak about her music. I think this was also exactly her intention. She believes in spreading a message that’s bigger than herself. A message about black pride and embracing the black culture. What makes her music so real to me is that she raps about something she truly stands behind. It’s not about the money or the fame for her, it’s about the stories she’s able to spread with the platform that is given to her. Even though we are unsure about who she is, she stays true to herself and the character she created for the music. She told DJBooth, “Be honest with your message, don’t be scared of it. Don’t be scared to be weird, to be quirky. Don’t be scared to be judged. Live in your moment. Also, be kind. Be loving. Listen. Remember, you’re putting that out there unto people, so make sure you’re doing it with love”. She truly lives out what she preaches.

LK-47’s latest album is not just a witty play on words referring to a nail salon. “Acrylic” has a deeper meaning than just nails. “You know exactly where you are when you smell acrylic,” she mentioned in an interview with Vice, “When you smell acrylic, you’re in our neighborhood”. She explains how your nails are an expression of yourself. It’s symbolic and gives you a sense of individuality. Just like the neighborhood she grew up in the experiences she’s made in life had hardened and molded her into the person she is today. Acrylic does the same when drying it hardens and can be molded under pressure. LK is not afraid to express herself. She hopes to inspire and influence her listeners through her music. She creates music for the culture and emphasizes the importance of black-owned businesses like nail salons for example. You’ll feel like a bad b***h listening to her songs. As a black woman myself, when I’m strolling down my predominantly white neighborhood listening to Leikeli I feel like no one can mess with me. This album inspires me to express all my corks and imperfections. It also really makes me want to get a manicure.

Watch iconic Leikeli’s “Money” music video here: