CHROMAT – The future is inclusive, empowering, and sustainable.

Guys, it is hot. To have several days in a row with 30 degrees and above – that is rare, especially for the north of Germany. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I love the summer and hot weather, however, every year, this time around, many self-doubts pop into my head. Arte these shorts to short? Can I show my arms like this? Oh no… sweat stains on my back…

On top of all these questions follow struggles like thigh chafing, under boob sweat, or finding clothes that are stylish and available in my size. Not to mention swimwear. The summer entails quite a few obstacles, not only for fat people, these problems are probably relatable for many people.

Luckily, this year I’ve been worrying less than ever and I think that is due to seeing more and more beautiful babes wearing whatever they want, no matter their size. On days like that I am thankful for certain Instagram communities and brands that show different bodies in great outfits and inspire you to be you and live your hot (and sweaty) life with confidence. It took me way too long to realize that everybody deserves to feel comfortable during the summer. For way too long I wore shorts and a shirt or an ugly swimsuit instead of the bikini of my dreams. Why did I think I had to hide my arms under sleeves and my legs under long trousers?

And now that I am confident enough to wear a short all over print jumpsuit, the looks some people give me and my bear legs and arms don’t trigger hurt feelings anymore. Instead, I sincerely hope that I can inspire others to wear what they like and feel comfortable in summer clothes and not cover up with dark long cloths. I also hope to see even more brand being as size inclusive and empowering as Chormat for example.

Chromat is an innovative swim and bodywear brand and was founded in 2010 by Becca McCharen-Tran. Her background in architecture provide an interesting take on every collection, which seem to explore the intersections of fashion, architecture, and technology. Chromat is designed by a very diverse team in New York and Miami. The production takes place in safe, ethical, fair-wage factories in New York City and Sofia, Bulgaria.

It is great to see how committed Chromat is ensure an inclusive and sustainable brand. Their swimwear is made with regenerated nylon spun from fishing nets and post-consumer plastic bottles that have been recovered from the world’s oceans. They have worked with an international diving team to remove over 160 tons of fishing nets from the seas and turned them into yarn together with other nylon waste. The nylon yarn is produced within a closed loop, which means it can be recycled infinitely without loss of quality.

Additionally, I want to point out that Chromat really cares about their customer’s needs, shapes, and sizes and creates perfectly fit garments for every body. And it is just beautiful to see how inclusive there are, not only size wise. Chromat includes all kinds of women in their campaigns and runways – women with disabilities, pregnant women, women of every age, size, and ethnicity. That is simply beautiful.

Their message is clear: There are many different versions of beautiful and every body is worthy of love, acceptance, and empowering garments.