What Everyone Is Wearing In New York

I feel like nowadays everyone is influencing everyone, some more than others, some do not want to be influenced or influencing and some do not even realize they are doing the latter. Either way, I think that Social Media do come a long withsome great benefits – inspirations, ideas, and information.

I, for my party, really like to get inspired by what people wear out and about in the streets and even what they present online. There is for sure great pleasure in combing through the internet on the search for new trends, alternativestylings, and inspiring outfit combinations.


However, these days not as many people are actually outside or decide to put too much effort into their fits, since it is very convenient to live and work in your sweatpants. Exactly for that reason, I am beyond happy that I recently discovered the YouTube channel KarenBritChick.


As the name might suggest, Karen is a Brit chick, but she lives in New York. She started her YouTube channel twelve years ago and makes her videos all about thrifting,vintage designer items, fashion in general, and more recently interior decor. The reason I came across her channel is the series “What Everyone Is Wearig in New York”, which she started about a year ago.


In those videos, Karen herself is out and about in the streets of New York and captures the outfits of strangers with her camera. She also stops the most interesting passengers and asks them about their outfit, where they got it from, and their inspiration behind it. She is basically the Scott Schuhman (TheSartorialist) of YouTube.


By now, KarenBritChick has uploaded seventeen episodes of those street style videos. With her passionate attitude for fashion and a great style herself, these videos are a great inspiration on those seemingly and endlessly grey days. In addition, it is truly uplifting to see people being creative withtheir outfits, even amidst a global pandemic.


So getyourself a cuppa and enjoy watching the latest episode of “What Everyone IsWearing In New York”: