The Power of Influence: Navigating Social Media and Inspiration – What Everyone Is Wearing In New York

Nowadays, everyone seems to be influencing and being influenced by others to varying degrees, whether consciously or unconsciously. Despite this, I believe that Social Media offers numerous benefits, including inspiration, ideas, and valuable information.

Personally, I find great inspiration in observing what people wear in the streets and on online platforms. Exploring the internet for new trends, alternative styles, and captivating outfit combinations brings me immense joy.

However, in today’s world, fewer people are venturing outside or putting much effort into their attire, as it’s more convenient to live and work in sweatpants. That’s why I’m delighted to have recently discovered the YouTube channel KarenBritChick.

As the name suggests, Karen is a British woman living in New York. She launched her YouTube channel twelve years ago, focusing on thrifting, vintage designer items, fashion, and more recently, interior decor. What caught my attention was her series called “What Everyone Is Wearing in New York,” which she started about a year ago.

In these videos, Karen roams the streets of New York with her camera, capturing the outfits of strangers. She also interviews fascinating individuals, inquiring about their outfits, their sources, and the inspiration behind their style. Essentially, she is the Scott Schuhman (TheSartorialist) of YouTube.

KarenBritChick has uploaded a total of seventeen episodes of these street style videos. With her passionate approach to fashion and her own impeccable style, these videos provide valuable inspiration, especially on those dreary and seemingly endless days. Furthermore, witnessing people express their creativity through their outfits, even in the midst of a global pandemic, is truly uplifting.

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So getyourself a cuppa and enjoy watching the latest episode of “What Everyone IsWearing In New York”: