Expensive designers – Is it worth the money?

Nowadays, the easiest way to define yourself is by the clothes you wear. Of course that’s not the only thing. You also define yourself by the people you surround yourself with and the house you live in. The car or the skate deck you drive is of course also part of it. But does it really make sense to live in an uncomfortable but beautiful house? Or to buy a skateboard, which is much too expensive to push through the streets of your hometown? Of course you can also buy a car for a fortune, but if you never drive it, is it really worth the money? I understand that these things can be investments.

Jan Kössl

But despite all this I don’t see the point in keeping something that just gets dusty in my closet or garage. But let’s stick with the clothes. I have often treated myself to some clothes because I found them incredibly beautiful, and then I did not get over the idea to wear them extensively. I think everyone who has ever bought designer fashion knows what I am talking about. You put it on and walk the streets with it and you are inhibited. You pay attention to where you sit. Isn’t it too dirty on the bench in the park? As my text suggests, I am a fanatical skateboarder and at the same time a great lover of fashion. To combine these two things takes a lot of effort.

But I have learned to deal with it and to really wear clothes instead of just admiring them in the wardrobe. Basically, people get on my nerves when they buy a pair of designer shoes and then get angry when there’s a little scratch on their feet. I bought a pair of shoes from A1923 some time ago and was very surprised about their slogan. “Do not handle with care.” was written on the shoe box. A cheeky slogan for a pair of shoes that costs 1800 Euros  in retail. But that’s exactly what it is. If the your fashionable piece affect you too much, it means that it is not worth the money and only eats up your wallet. So buy an article of clothing to wear it. Thats its purpose after all. A wise woman whom I met in Vienna in February said to me, “an article of clothing is only worth as much as you wear it. Otherwise there is still the possibility to sell the things before they start to get on your and your girlfriend’s nerves“

Txt by Jan Kössl