In the Age of Social Media, Frank Ocean Redefines Celebrity Privacy

The short answer is: we’re not sure. All we know is that Frank Ocean has removed himself from the spotlight. Frank Ocean has always prioritized his privacy and freedom, keeping his Instagram private and avoiding interviews. Unlike many other celebrities, he values his personal space.

Frank Ocean
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In the past, Frank has emphasized the importance of privacy and freedom. However, the purpose of this article is not to find someone who is lost but to emphasize that we don’t need to know every detail about someone in the spotlight. History has shown that this approach hasn’t worked out well, except for tabloids themselves.

Even in 2021, tabloids, gossip accounts, and social media negativity continue to tear down celebrities who are constantly under scrutiny. Fortunately, social media has given celebrities some control over their public image.

“As an artist, when you’re completely minimal with media, there’s a lot of pressure on whatever one thing you’re doing, and the stakes are higher. Social media helps that because you’re fully in control and can message it the way you want” (Frank Ocean in an interview with GQ, 2019).

frank ocean
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So, what do we know about Frank Ocean? He enjoys traveling, photography, and rock climbing. The last time we checked, he had his own place in New York, he is not signed to a label, and he was in a long-term relationship around 2019. The last live performance we are aware of was in August 2017. While you may find more insignificant details from past interviews, do we really need to know more?

What we do know is that his music is incredible. He is an artist, regardless of whether he releases new music or not. Ultimately, it’s none of our business, and our desire for more is selfish. After all, who wouldn’t love another Frank Ocean album?

Frank Ocean
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“I always thought that was a misconception. I think the whole idea of me as a recluse is absurd because I’m in the streets all the time. I’m outside, I’m traveling the world. It’s funny to me that’s the perception, but I understand what people mean by it in this new paradigm” (Frank Ocean, GQ interview).

Wherever Frank may be in the world right now, we wish him well and support him. We’re patiently waiting for more music, but that’s our issue. Nevertheless, the hope remains, especially since we’ve been informed that Frank Ocean will be headlining at Coachella 2023. Fingers crossed!

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