Exploring Creative Expression and Self-Reflection in Discourse

This self-reflective discourse delves into the challenges of creative expression when one feels devoid of inspiration. Through poetic verses, the author contemplates the balance between form and meaning, the impact of audience reception, and the subjective nature of art. It emphasizes the importance of taking creative risks, regardless of commercial success, and highlights the significance of personal connection and shared experiences in artistic expression. This introspective journey invites readers to ponder their own struggles and find solace in the universality of the creative process.

I Am Artist

A restless mind makes perfect rhymes

That’s what one might just guess

And normally it works like that

But I am still a mess

What I make up all in my head

Makes sense to some extent

But sounds constructed, too built up

No wonder, I can just pretend

I‘m lacking input from outside

No memories made (in all that time)

I am thinking, method acting

And ballad quatrain, sure, I can rhyme

I‘m lacking input from outside

No memories made (in all that time)

I am thinking, method acting

And ballad quatrain, sure, I can rhyme

But that’s the form and not the art

It has no deeper meaning

They all will roll eyes, fair enough

I am not good at seeming

The truth is, I don’t need to share

What goes on in this mind

About deep meaning no one cares

Who is to value blind

That’s what the one part wants to say

And I’m not gonna tame it

But then remember those who see

The other part now, mind split

The metrum really got me

I can feel the flow

Nothing to sell, just an idea

And if you want to know

Where this is leading (what’s the point)

I got you on the hook

And this, my friends, is poetry

Just take a closer look

It moves like a boat through stormy sea

Feels like we could sing it

It catches attention (but also for what)

Seductive, not explicit

What happens if you change the form

Rip it all apart

What remains is broken frames

And underneath a heart

Talking about silence

Rhymes with no sense

Could do it or let it

These thoughts are intense

And maybe they‘re not even mine

Nobody’s gonna know

A thief of thoughts, a parasite

Maybe it’s just a show

And like with every magic trick

I can flip and change it quick

Not every artist wants to entertain. Not every entertainer is creative. Commercially successful is, who either can do both, or has a team to step in. Success in general doesn’t have to be the goal of creation, though. A painting can be successful, even if it wasn’t made for sales and never leaves the atelier, it depends on the artist’s motivation. That in turn should never matter to the recipient. Only the creator defines what’s „beautiful“, but without feedback, the artist can never evolve beyond itself. Other options don’t matter, but they matter. The artist mustn’t let the reaction of others feed its ego in a way that made it starve if it wouldn’t get that no more. Everybody can do anything. You are not a judge. It’s a cold world, but a world in which we want to create, is one that is not lost, I guess.

I rhymed the words without a point

I dropped the facts just frame-less

The one feels inspired and revitalized

the other one screams „say less“

What matters is to take the risk

You don’t know who you touch

These days one person is unfazed

To another it means much

Because my struggle is just real

I don’t know what to tell you

But maybe I am meaning enough

And someone thinks: me, too