Pull up or shut up – how many Black people are really working at the biggest brands?

Just holding a value isn‘t enough. Most beauty brands have taken a public stand against racism, but are they really holding themselves accountable when it comes to diversity? That’s what “Pull up for change” wanted to find out: They asked all brands with public support statements to release their numbers of Black employees within their company – and how many of them are working in leadership roles. Of course not all companies participated but over 150 did – including Nike, Cosmopolitan, Levi’s, Amazon, Neutrogena, Kylie Jenner, GAP. The people behind the campaign did some research on their own as well so the Hashtag #pullupforchange will allow you to educate yourself and make more informed purchasing decisions.

For most companies a lot of work needs to be done: Black college is at 10 percent (which is way too low as well of course and needs tremendous efforts for real equal opportunities and massive investments in the education system) – this should be the bare minimum goal for corporates at least. 


4.5% black representation across the US including retail. 2.5% at management level and 2.7% at director and executive level. Check out their 2019 diversity report for more details. We couldn’t identify any black representation in the executive leadership team.


5% black representation in corporate roles, less than 2% in leadership roles and none at board level. Thank you for splitting out the manufacturing and store level numbers. Including manufacturing and stores total black representation is at 18%.


4% black representation in corporate. The report does not break out leadership roles in HQ. No black representation in executive leadership team.

The Body Shop

16.3% black representation across corporate and store leadership team. We reached out and they clarified leadership representation is 14%


Black participation is at 7.6% across org, 5% at manager and director level and 6.7% at VP level.

L’Oreal USA

Black participation at field and manufacturing 9%, Corporate 7% and executive level 8%. 

The Honest Company

10% Black participation across the organization


29% BIPOC and 21% in leadership roles. Note BIPOC includes all people of color – Black, Indigenous and People of color. No clarity on black specific numbers.


27% Black and 5% in director level and above Kylie Jenner


Didn’t officially pull up but we are sharing the information available publicly via Nike. We do not have the total number of black employees at corporate level as they include manufacturing and retail in the total numbers. Black participation is at 21.6% this includes stores and manufacturing down from 23.5% in 2017. At corporate level, director level and above is 4.8% and of VP’s it’s 9.9%. There are no black people in the Nike executive leadership team. It’s also important to note that from director level and up the white representation is at 72.7% and 77.1% of VPs.