Climate Change: Embracing Sustainability for Growth – Debut Issue of TITLE(D)

Climate change is a pressing issue that demands our collective attention. To address the challenges our planet faces, it’s evident that we need to implement changes at both individual and institutional levels. But where should we begin?

In the inaugural edition of TITLE(D), we delve into the multifaceted nature of sustainable living, showcasing how conscious consumer decisions represent only a fraction of what a sustainable lifestyle entails. Our magazine explores various avenues, ranging from activism and virtual fashion to sustainable wine, illustrating the boundless possibilities for integrating sustainability into our daily lives.

In collaboration with renowned Berlin-based photographer, Marius Knieling, we have produced an editorial centered around the theme of “GROWTH.” Whether it’s environmental growth or personal growth, these aspects are interconnected, making it impossible to isolate one from the other. Every transformation starts with individual actions, necessitating a focus on our own consumption patterns and awareness of crucial issues before we can drive substantial change.