Growth – How Growing Your Personality, Saves The Environment

Climate change is a topic that deserves our collective attention. Whichever angle we choose to look at the problems our planet is currently facing, it’s clear that changes are needed not just at an individual level, but also from governments and corporations. But, where do we begin?

In our debut issue of TITLE(D), we’re inviting you to take a look at how conscious consumer decisions are only one part of what a sustainable lifestyle can look like. From activism to virtual fashion, to sustainable wine, the possibilities for embracing sustainability on a daily basis are endless.

For this case, we collaborated with Berlin-based photographer Marius Knieling and created an editorial focusing on the topic “GROWTH”. No matter if environmental growth or personal growth, there is no way to separate each way. Every change starts individually and we need to start with our own consumption and awareness about essential issues, before being able to make a change.