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From Seinfeld to ‘Nothing, Forever’: The AI Comedy Show About Nothing

The rise and fall of AI comedy with 'Nothing, Forever,' a Seinfeld-inspired show. Comedian Whitney Cummings offers insights into the limitations of AI-generated humor, highlighting its inability to experience trauma and emotions. From novelty factor to offensive content, discover the challenges faced by AI as a comedy writer. Uncover the absurdity and uncanny valley of comedic moments, captivating viewers with fleeting entertainment. Reflect on the unpredictability of ordinary life, where AI's comedic inadequacies align with our robot vacuum cleaners' insatiable desire to get stuck. Delve into the intersections of AI, humor, and the human experience.

Tino Hahn

Ursula Block’s Visionary Concept: Gelbe MUSIK and the Broken Music Exhibition

Broken Music Vol. 2, an immersive exhibition for record and experimental music lovers. Delve into the interaction between art and music at Hamburger Bahnhof museum. Explore 700 curated records celebrating post-war art and music. Experience the visionary concept of Gelbe MUSIK by Ursula Block. Immerse yourself in the visual and auditory world of Broken Music: Artists' Recordworks. Witness audio-visual installations, landscape sounds, and captivating sound collages. Celebrate the resilience of records as artistic mediums and symbols of resistance. Embark on a sensory journey through 70 years of art and music history. Don't miss this meditative and immersive art experience. Visit the exhibition until May 15, 2023. Explore more at the Broken Music website.

Alejandra Espinosa