​​Now-Stalgia: We’re not looking into the past – we’re updating it

But what comes after nostalgia? The acceleration of culture brought about by social media algorithms has officially killed the 20-year cycle. Today's zeitgeist feels like an overwhelming mix of every era happening everywhere all at once. Enter: Now-Stalgia. The new trend embraces the chaos of internet culture, taking inspiration from every decade and giving it a futuristic twist that feels uniquely contemporary. Instead of limiting ourselves to historical accuracy, we look to the past for tools to build new presents.

Annika Duda

Clarks – Timeless Footwear from Kingston to Manchester to Shaolin

The timeless appeal of Clarks footwear, including their iconic Wallabees and Desert Boots. From British heritage to global subcultures, these shoes have captivated cool people worldwide. Explore the cultural impact in reggae, Britpop, and hip hop scenes. Embrace the style and history of Clarks, a brand that continues to innovate and resonate with diverse communities, from Kingston to Manchester to Shaolin.

Caiza Andresen