The Potential of Co-Star and Co.: Three Reasons to Embrace Astrology for Self-Care

3 Reasons to go with the Astrology Trend

For over 2000 years, the philosophy of the zodiac signs has endured, often dismissed as hocus-pocus. Yet, in today’s world, despite our advancements in science, the fascination with zodiac signs is reaching new heights. In 2019, an unprecedented number of individuals admitted to believing in astrology. Notably, horoscope apps like Co-Star have amassed over one million followers on Instagram. This begs the question: What draws us to the enduring allure of the stars and their influence over us?

Throughout history, major religions have provided definitive guidance for human lives and beliefs. However, as individualization gains momentum in recent decades, things have begun to change. In the 2000s, vegetarianism and fitness were hailed as the new lifestyle religions. In many Western countries, the freedom to choose one’s own life concepts has grown. With this abundance of choices, people have started to lose themselves amidst the array of options, grappling with questions about the purpose of life. A possible answer lies in Co-Star and countless other providers, who offer personalized horoscopes as signposts for leading a more conscious life.

Don’t believe in Mercury retrograde? Here are three reasons why considering the hype around Co-Star and similar platforms as a form of healthy self-care is worth your while.

  1. Engage in Daily Self-Reflection Just as we take a step back on New Year’s Eve or our birthdays to assess ourselves from an outsider’s perspective, it’s crucial to find regular moments for self-reflection. Comparing your horoscope forecast with your daily experiences provides an opportunity to review and evaluate your recent actions and thoughts. It allows you to avoid repeating mistakes, identify unnoticed small successes amid the usual stress, and acknowledge any undefined feelings. This healthy routine takes no more time than a brief cigarette break.

2. Unexplained Energies Our current scientific understanding can only measure approximately 5% of the energies at work in the universe. The remaining 95% remains unknown and beyond our comprehension. Consequently, we cannot debunk the notion that the alignment of stars influences our planet and ourselves as human beings. Consider the powerful interactions between the moon and the oceans; these forces demonstrate the impact celestial bodies can have. Similarly, our planet Earth’s properties affect our state of mind. While it is true that we cannot prove claims like “all Cancer people are highly emotional” or “all Scorpios are sneaky,” it is undeniable that individuals born in different seasons experience distinct energies during their early weeks of life. While the daily horoscope may often be regarded as generic and created following certain patterns, the fundamental assumption of the stars’ significance in our lives remains unproven.

3. Foster Connection In the best-case scenario, faith provides humans with hope and a sense of security. Gazing up at the starry sky on a dark evening evokes a comforting feeling. When confronted with the infinite expanse of the universe, personal problems shrink in significance. Consider that people in ancient Greece experienced similar sensations as they gazed at the sky 2000 years ago. This realization makes us feel less alone and profoundly connected to the entire human race. Believing in astrology requires nothing more than acknowledging the presence of the stars. It is a belief system that transcends cultural and societal barriers, uniting people worldwide.

As we ushered in a tumultuous start to 2020, with social media filled with WW3 memes and harrowing images of bushfires, the need for self-reflection in our ever-changing world has never been more apparent. In a globally fragmented community like ours, it’s time to seek unity with others. And in a world teetering on the edge, it is, above all, a time to believe! These three reasons underscore the importance of astrology in our lives. Wishing you a happy new year!