3 reasons to go with the astrology trend

The philosophy of the zodiac signs exists for over 2000 years and is called hocus-pocus for the exact same time. In spite of all our scientific innovations, today zodiac signs are highly trending. In 2019, more people than ever counted before, admitted they’d believe in astrology. Horoscope apps like Co-Star already collected more than one million followers at Instagram. So, what is it about the unbroken fascination for the stars and their power over mankind?

For centuries, the world’s major religions have given humans decisive guidelines for their lives and beliefs. In the course of individualisation, things has changed increasingly in recent decades. In the 2000s, vegetarianism and fitness were popularly proclaimed as new lifestyle religions. In many western countries, the freedom to choose one’s own life concepts is also increasing. With all these new possibilities, people started losing themselves in the diversity of their options and the question of purpose of life. One answer to this is offered by Co-star, along with hundreds of other providers, it offers personalized horoscopes as signposts for a more conscious life.


You don’t believe in mercury retrograde? TITLE gives you three reasons why it is worthwhile to consider the hype of Co-Star and co. more as healthy self-care instead of superstition.

1) A daily chance to self-reflect

Just like on New Year’s Eve or your birthday, it is important to find moments to take a step back and look at yourself from an outside perspective. Comparing your horoscope forecast with your daily life is a good opportunity to review and classify actions and thoughts of the past days, to leave mistakes unrepeated and trace undefined unpleasant feelings. But also, to register the small successes, quickly passing by unnoticed in the usual everyday stress. It’s a healthy routine, not taking more time than a cigarette break.


2) You can’t prove it wrong

With all our means we are able to measure about 5% of the acting energies in the universe according to the current state of science. That leaves 95% energies we don’t know nor understand yet. Therefore, it cannot be debunked that the constellation of the stars is affecting our planet and us humans. If you look at the interactions, between the moon and the oceans, you see how strong these forces can be. Also the properties of our own planet earth, are affecting our minds. Of course, there is no proof for the saying, that all cancer people are highly emotional and all scorpios sneaky bitches. But can one deny, that people who are born in summer receive a different energy in their first weeks of life than people born in January? No. Even if the daily horoscope is probably rather nonsense, as it is usually generically created, following certain patterns, the basic assumption of the importance of the stars for us humans can not been proven wrong so far.


3) Connection

In the best-case, faith offers us humans hope and security. Looking up into the starry sky on a dark evening offers a warming feeling. Compared to the infinite expanse of the universe, personal problems become smaller. Imagine then that people in ancient Greece looked up to the sky with the same feeling in their stomach already 2000 years ago. You will feel less alone and deeply connected with humanity. To believe in astrology, you need nothing more than the stars. That’s why the belief in zodiac signs is also globally represented. It connects people all over the world regardless of their culture and society structures.


2020 arrived with a rough start. On socials WW3 memes are competing with bushfire-drone-shots. In a world as inconsistent as ours it’s time for more self reflection. In a global community as divided as ours, it’s time to unite with others. And in a world as close to the edge as ours, it is more than anything else time to believe! These are our three TITLE reasons why. Happy new year!