Make Hummus Not Walls: A Poetic Reflection on Borders, Activism, and the Power of Food

The evocative poem ‘Make Hummus Not Walls’ by Adri Rocks, is reflecting on the turmoil of wars and borders while highlighting the power of hummus as a unifying force. This thought-provoking piece delves into the longing for authentic hummus across divided territories, capturing the significance of food, privilege, and activism in a poignant and introspective manner.

Walls of Hummus

“Make hummus not walls”

Uttered the internet

Snap to attention, wars are brewing

Just across the Mediterranean

A 20-minute flight from Cyprus

The best hummus on Earth

Girls on the top floor,

Not a hair to be seen in this restaurant

Dip their fries into sad pools of unrelenting sauce

Oh how I wish it was hummus

But hummus belongs across the wall

Here, all we have is knock-off chipotle mayo

Separating, the emulsion breaking

A green clad soldier approaches

Phallic weapon in her once soft hand

“passports please” I came here for the hummus

But I freeze in privileged victimhood,

Glancing around to observe the disparity

At least our plates let us transcend.

Acti-tourism, tourism activism, justice tourism

We must defend what is not ours

I came here for the hummus, now

I cannot even open my pathetic mouth.

Our car rumbles through pages of

History we wish we could scream anew

Alas, my jaw is glued shut, we cross

With ease, swallowing hummus on either side.

Written by Adri Rocks

Author: Adri Rocks @arockspoetry
Header Art: Esmé Rocks @esmerocksphotography
Thumbnail Art: Maria Myers @liminaledition