These KIDS make you Worry and your Heart Melt at the same time!

Whether inspired and dressed by their parents or dictating their own style, these kids have a thing or two to teach the grown-ups. From celebrity babies to upcoming Instagram icons with over 800k followers. But sharing the wrong type of content on social media can also make children feel like they don’t have ownership over their own bodies or values. We constantly question how much sharing is too much, and can sharing on social media put children in danger? There are big fans and non supporters when it comes to this topic. Nevertheless, it’s no secret that especially celebrity children are drowning in the public live from the first day on, no matter if they’ve chosen it on their own or not. Some figure their way out and many get lost in the attention. We’ve picked 6 children who make their playgrounds the next cat walks. It’s a love hate relationship for the consumer to watch a strange child to grow in front of their eyes. Lovely to watch but nerve-wracking on the other hand. These kids make you worry and your heart melt at the same time.

1. Kulture

Starting of with Miss Social Media Icon Cardi B, her beloved lil princess Kulture Kiari Cephus. Here are her top 3 Looks:

2. Stormi

Number 2 from our ranking goes to Miss Stormi, daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, probably the most adorable child of 2020. We couldn’t decide which looks were the strongest.

3. Hana Aliu

Moving on with a child that some of you may know or not know. Hana Aliu the daughter of Albanian / Swiss rapper Loredana and Mosik, yet not knowing what will await her in the future. Here are our favorite shots:

4. Coco

For all the hand-wringing parents do when it comes to kids and social media it must be noted how special Coco’s origin story is: Child plays dress-up; adores mom and dad snap pics; Mom posts the photos on hers Instagram account. What sets this pint-size tastemaker apart, however, is that instead of taking her fashion cues from Disney princesses, she prefers an off-kilter, colorful look that’s more influencer than infantile. This is partially due to the fact that her parents own Funktique, a vintage store in the heart of Tokyo’s vibrant Harajuku district. Here are a few of our favorite looks coco shares from plenty other excellent examples.

5. Ainni

Already to becomes a little model, our last pick for this ranking is the little korean girl Ainni, who’s Instagram account is run by her mother. Pictures on the account show little Ainni’s flair for fashion, wearing a series of chic outfits that have been styled carefully with delicate accessories. Ainni is probably not even aware that mega stars such as Ariana Grande follow her from day one on. She was probably the most discussed child who’s life was shared on social media in 2019 with a huge amount of fans and a lot of critics against her mother. We’ve picked our favorite shots for you guys to debate by yourself if you like to support this lifestyle or not.

Does this mean we all have to give up Instagram or Facebook? Well, that’s a personal choice, but we can be smarter about it. Know the privacy policies of the social media sites you use. Consider more private ways of sharing pictures or use family-friendly apps with strong privacy policies.  And if all else fails, imagine if your child could see what your posting. Would she approve? At the end of the day parents take the responsibility of their children till a certain age, rather if it’s trendy or not. Every adult should question their morals individually and if they do not know better, maybe you could be the role model for your preferred behavior.