The Future of Food is above your head

Your next rooftop party might get yummy as rooftop farming is becoming a thing in cities with Paris now having the world’s largest urban rooftop farm called “Nature Urbaine” with more than 14,000 square meters. Strawberries and lettuces grow side by side with tomatoes, aubergines and herbs like basil, sage and peppermint.

The team of Nature Urbaine is harvesting up to 1,000 kilogram of over 30 different varieties of vegetables and fruits – per day. The variety is limited due to different reasons – and almost any of these reasons has something to do with roots: The roots of carrots or potatoes are too long and fruit trees are no option as well, of course. Root vegetables is out of the question as well and legumes like beans take a lot of space but the reward is pretty little.  Of course even rooftop farms with these dimensions will never going to feed the whole city there’s so much unused space in every city:

Rooftops, walls or small patches of land that could be developed and add some percent to the overall percentage of arable land. And with pretty little effort you could grow some of your food in your own garden. Even if it is not in your backyard, but on your rooftop. And rooftop farming also boosts the amount of vegetarians as no one will keep cattle on their rooftop but grow organic food. So why not start today?