Sustainability is the first edition of our biannual zine newsletter.

As the name suggests, this edition is about keeping it as environmentally friendly as possible. For this, we’ve designed a two-page newspaper that can be reused as a poster.

This season, TITLE presents a poster-like zine newsletter. The zine comes in full size A1 and each cover is reusable as an A2 poster.

Does sustainability matter to you?

Featuring: Hungry, Mariee Chante and more

Warning: You will receive the paper rolled up in a parcel box

Please read the conditions before placing your order to avoid additional shipping and its associated environmental footprint.

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TITLE(D) is our biannual print newsletter and is delivered to our subscribers out of cost. 

A different theme is explored by artists, creators and writers with every issue, and the format and design of the edition corresponds to the theme.

Limited edition.

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Since the number of prints depends on the printing costs, we cannot guarantee that all of our subscribers will receive every issue. In these cases, we allocate the delivery of the zine via a raffle.

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Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 84 × 59,5 cm

Poster-like format