Exploring Ecstasy and the Unconventional: A Poetic Journey

Delve into a captivating poem by Adri Rocks titled “We uttered ‘I love you’ in the basement of a church.” Experience the raw emotions and unconventional expressions of love and desire. From the melting of sweet treats on our skin to the bursting passion in Detroit’s parade, the poem delves into the complexities of human connection. Immerse yourself in vivid imagery and thought-provoking lines that challenge conformity and encourage self-reflection. Let the words evoke sensations and thoughts, transcending boundaries and inviting you to embrace the unconventional.

Pour that Syrup over Grießmühle

We uttered “I love you” in the basement of a church

Not in matrimony, but in ecstasy.

A belly bag in that bathroom. Süssigkeiten

Melting into our anatomy.

There’s a parade in Detroit today

Lust and passion bursting, ripping the stitches

From the backs, patched and raw and chafed

Holding our cathedral afloat, propelling it into the future.

The remnants of a commodified dream lingering, a vision, a converted bus

Feierabend. On the walk to the train from work, a terrace

Just barely extending out of that tepid water

Buoyant in its domination. Refusal to reflect.

I hope you wear black. I hope you stomp your feet.

And you leave without a view into your dilated pupils

I hope you think not to think

That it tickles your brain and aches in your wrists

I hope Shazam makes your ears bleed and you play it next weekend

Your mouth masticating on something you just can’t quite reach

Is it really there if you can’t feel it? Just the absence of it.

Stand on those speakers, bitch. Give Maria your clothes. Consume immaculately.

Don’t think. It doesn’t hurt.

The Nation and the Fusion and the sudden-ness of the Sea.

Don’t you dare consider where it comes from, the irregularity you hold so dear.

It might just make you think.

Written by Adri Rocks

Author: Adri Rocks @arockspoetry

Artwork: Anne-Marie Dimanche @amdfwu